Usability 3/10 
Design 4/10 
Huge Database 7/10 
Spam Defense 3/10 
Scam Defense 4/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 4/10 
Security 5/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 5/10 

Online dating app for adults that is fully integrated with Facebook. AYI counts 1+ million active singles and offers its users the opportunity to connect with each other over mutual friends and similar interests.  Clean interface, minimalist profiles and basic filtering system will suit singles interested in casual dating, but those looking for long-term relationships may want to try something more advanced


  • simple user interface
  • easy navigation.


  • basic filtering system
  • random messaging
  • inefficient fake profile detection
  • incorrect notification system.
  1. Hoss

    As close to malware as you can get
    Impossible to completely delete account through their interface, the option is offered but it just deactivates your account, it doesn’t completely remove it. On top of that, the app is simply poor quality. Slow and confusing design. Avoid!

  2. JustRod

    Lots of fake profiles!
    There are so many SCAMS on here. Women’s profiles say one city but they are in another country or state and want to sell you some Internet porn web cam to talk to them. There has to be a better verification process for these scammers!

  3. dajmlinc08

    To really use it you have to subscribe and it’s not that visually appealing like some other online meet/great apps. Not impressed

  4. unaquestionediali

    Ugly people
    I’ve never seen such a collection of ugly women…

  5. Paragliderman

    Not free
    I used for a while and soon i couldnt see others messages since it requires membership.dont waste time if u look free

  6. TxsPhotog

    Crash Happy
    Crashes when I try and log in via Facebook. Crashes when I try to create an account because it crashed when I tried to log in via Facebook. I tried restarting my phone and guess what, still crashes no matter how I try to log in No choice but to give it one star.

  7. Bigj5555

    Terrible app!
    I mean it’s cook but to pay for messages and other stuff is stupid. I don’t this app is worth the time I see alot have like it but not me I give it zero!

  8. Michael400

    In Three Words …
    PIECE OF CRAP! This iPhone app has not launched for me in almost 2 months. And tech support has been non-responsive. Do I need to say more?

  9. Antoine65

    Horrible app!
    Does. It deliver as promised. You keep,getting the SAME people you rejected even after confirming that you don’t want to see them again. I mean who wants to see the rejects over and over? Huge waste of time. Also lacks filters to narrow down searches, a MUST for any dating app. Do NOT download!!

  10. Marcis39

    Not for me no one will talk
    I was on it for a month and didn’t get any dates

  11. Kamishssdfddd

    This just a teaser to constantly woo you into joining a no proven no luck prospect for love or get laid

  12. AnotherSucker235567

    Not free
    Your gonna have to pay to see or write messages after a short time

  13. robert254

    Could be better
    We shouldnt have to pay to see who views us abd all that other stuff. And the prices are too high for just a limited time offer. You should really drop the prices to a more reasonable offer.

  14. Jbowers014

    Too much money wants you to pay for everything.
    There are other apps that will let you do the same for no money, this one practically makes you pay

  15. Nicewall

    Not worth $$
    Buggy and too pricy

  16. Auto renewal

    Yeah way cool until you try to shut it off and the auto renewal won’t stop and no way to stop it.. Very dishonest ayi=facebook

  17. XcommanderX

    I hate

  18. QueenLadyJazz

    This app matches me with men that I haven’t even liked! It is not a good dating app. Don’t download it!!!! I’m about to delete it

  19. Tim1234567891111111

    Don’t waist your money!!!!
    Don’t up grade. It’s a waist of money!!

  20. Mr.Ojalvo

    Needs update.
    App won’t open. It seems like there is a bug. Please fix Thanks!

  21. Bigfoot569

    Waste of time
    Won’t let you do anything unless you pay to upgrade. Complete waste of time.

  22. BobChesapeake

    Very clumsy interface.
    Moving around the app is a bit awkward, but worse is the like vs liked toggle. You are constantly presented with the same people over and over in the browser and ever other activity. It seems the liked” gets turned off easily or there is a program error. A very odd interface.”

  23. Mittens007

    This app used to be free,plus there are lots of fake profiles. It’s not worth the money at all, would have rated it zero.

  24. nick/panda

    I used to love this app. I would use it all the time! However I just logged into it for the first time in quite a while and now they want me to pay ten bucks to read a message my friend sent me? Really? This company is reduculous. DON’T SUPPORT THIS APP. A much better alternative is skout.

  25. bunnisawr17

    Not pleased
    Okay so I downloaded this app made an account then the thing crashes after I was done. So I try to log in but it says invalid account. And that I never made an account I try this about 5 times and it still doesn’t work even the online site keeps saying it down for maintenance!

  26. newsman1234567

    Five stars? Holy crap.
    This app is as much fun as watching paint dry. The amount to subscribe is effed up and not to many people in the same area. Id give it a zero if I could. Arghgjghghghhhhhhhhhh

  27. Jordans1988

    No good

  28. Traveler666

    Can’t even login **Crashes!!!!***
    What piece of junk. Crashes from just trying to log in with Facebook now every time I open app I just crashes!!! Lame.

  29. Matthew Sells

    Don’t use
    Terrible! Doesn’t match, half are spam bots that are matched!

  30. Orochi X

    Girls do not respond.
    At first it was okay, but whenever you message someone, they never reply back? Like really? Also, whenever you get a message it’s from the default ones, and if you reply, don’t expect any reply. Want to chat to someone close to you, good luck, because majority of other women are many miles away from you, and who knows, they might be fake profiles only to keep you around longer. Don’t waste your time on this app.

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