Usability 7/10 
Design 8/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 3/10 
Scam Defense 4/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 6/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 8/10 
People Search 5/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 3/10 
Support 5/10 

Geolocation-based app designed to help users meet and hang out with people within their GPS coordinates. Badoo lacks the majority of features that are common for the most dating apps, offering the simplest way to find a match based on mutual friends and places you love. The app will suit those who look for a quick way to connect with people around, though beware of spam bots and pop-up ads.


  • quick matching system based on GPS location.


  • only local dating
  • limited number of possible matches
  • lack of basic dating app features
  • inefficient fake profile detection
  • pop-up ads.
  1. cdaniels75

    Crappy app, crappy support
    They keep moderating” my picture saying it is a group picture (it isn’t). No one responds to my queries. It’s annoying reuploading the same picture of me (and no one else) just to read my messages. Uninstalling now…”

  2. Jj801

    The pics aren’t real people. They didn’t make the profiles…don’t be fooled.

  3. Roginche

    El gatito triste

  4. BarryLara

    Horrible app
    This app has a nice layout, however there are numerous issues with uploading photos and actually chatting with people. A very messy money thirsty dating app

  5. I am not a percentage!

    Won’t even load. Crashes before it initiates. iPhone 4 running iOS 5

  6. Meechiekgreen

    Nobody responds
    Seems like every time you send a message it only gets read and the people who do want to meet you, you have to pay to see who they are ill stick with POF

  7. Joshuaman512

    Full of bots
    I’ve met nothing but bots trying to exploit my email address from me and direct me to other cites. Try okcupid or pof at least there’s real people on those sites. Blendr and badoo are trash. Can’t even delete your account. I hate apps that are shady. App also crashes when navigating. Lame.

  8. joopzap

    Load and load and still waitin !!!

  9. Ramsey0486

    This app gets advertised non stop on Vine by popular viners. You have to pay just to check who likes you and stuff. A lot of profiles are fake….don’t waste your time with this app, just another stupid dating app trying to get money by being advertised by popular” kids.”

  10. Abcxyz12346678

    Not free
    Not free

  11. BigMike10034

    Not worth the time
    Nothing but Bots and too expensive. Don’t waste ur time and money

  12. Gamerman1999

    This app won’t let me do anything before backing myself out I’ve had it two day and still nothing!

  13. Hdbjssjxjsgsb


  14. KIK: Zame0ner

    Please fix.
    I can’t find the button where you request to view other people’s private pics. I don’t even see my private pics! What’s the deal?!?

  15. atoyzk

    Poor application
    It keeps running the location sevices” on my iPhone 5. This is scary application it needs to update.”

  16. r0x_

    Needs an older version for iOS 4.2.1
    It should have the last compatible version that worked for iPod 2G. I love the site, but it takes forever to load in the browser.

  17. Ssj3329

    Ya’ll need to really enprove on what you all have is honestly and making friends thinking about it and asked to talk to me on here kyall need to makes some more improvements on your profiles I like them form before I don’t want to Compare me to other people’s profiles so I could see more and another thing is you people need to go back to that last part of that update you”ll people have”

  18. Lumen_nox

    Dirty Business
    Just got five notifications that people wanted to meet me so I paid to see them. There was only one and she was a fake profile trying to sell me a membership to a porn site! So Badoo was lying about the people wanting to meet me as well as not screening out spammers! Now I’m trying to turn off automatic renewal of my membership and there is no link for that as stated by iTunes! You have to email Badoo customer service. Fingers crossed that it works…

  19. Naudica W.

    Horrible. Takes forever to load profiles, pictures . Smh

  20. Cgholston89

    I’m not paying money for something I can do in a bar or outing event! I downloaded this cause of Vine and it was weak.

  21. Aries31!

    1 star is more than they deserve
    After downloading I realize this is just another Dating app, they do not give you the option to remove pics you upload, and if you want to delete your account they give you simple instructions on how to do so but it cannot be performed from the mobile application. You must login from a desktop or another non mobile device. I have the IPhone 5 in case your curious. London based/ not an American App.

  22. IanJ_FTW

    Can’t even log in
    What good is an app that I can’t even use… Don’t waste your time.

  23. Qinones21

    I don’t like free apps that you then have to pay for services in. Just charge me for the app!!!

  24. 58aviles

    Needs more improvement
    It takes to long to load

  25. Isaacsac

    This app is ok.
    I have not used this app that much because it loads very slow. Needs to load faster.

  26. Jose Espola

    No luck
    It doesn’t work haven’t found anyone here….

  27. Kimbella Thompson

    Worse update ever
    Can view private pictures and please fix service location battery drainer!!!!!

  28. RamirezV36

    Always crashig
    Always the app crashes

  29. Orhan Mamedov

    Fake app.
    I spend one day on this app, my inbox is full of fake profiles. Very bad app.

  30. Magneticmegan

    I got an account and never used it. I discovered later they had been taking money out of my account every month and I was not using any credits and never have. I tried to contact them and they don’t even have a phone number all online and they did not refund me my money and continued to charge me. It is difficult shutting your account off too. This is by far the biggest scam.

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