Usability 5/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 2/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 3/10 
Security 5/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 3/10 

Female-oriented dating app that puts safe and respectful communication first. Bumble provides a quick matching system based on mutual opt-ins, empowering women to start a conversation, thus avoiding unwanted messages. However, if no communication takes place within 24 hours, your connection disappears forever, which is hardly convenient for those who prefer to give a lot of thought before starting a new relationship.


  • protection from unwanted messages
  • photo-messenger.


  • 24-hour limit to start a conversation
  • dialogues between different sexes can be initiated only by women
  • sign in with Facebook to create an account.
  1. KyMoOC

    Profile lists my employer, are you kidding me!?!?!!
    This app could have been something, however because I have my employer listed on Facebook you’ve posted on my profile with NO way to remove it. I do NOT want this kind of information posted on a dating app. I want some privacy. Absolutely absurd I can’t remove this without deleting it from my Facebook profile first. And how do you select the pictures. No ability to upload or choose which picture from my FB photos I’d like to have posted. Some of the pictures Bumble selected were so old too. I like the fact Tinder ha some competition, but you’ll need to do an update to fix issues mentioned. I deleted my profile when I realtors I could fix these issues.

  2. Juan Caicedo.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I found this app literally impossible to use. None of the text rendered, so I had no idea what I was looking at

  3. a.wong

    None of the text in the app show up. Can’t register cause don’t know what it is asking for.

  4. Lumadrid122311

    Boo. Must have Facebook to use.
    All I want for Christmas is a tinder-like dating app that doesn’t require facebook.

  5. 5teph3nR0th

    Can’t use it
    Stuck on the facebook sign in page. Tried deleting/reinstalling but to no avail.

  6. Shdidsnzbdiddb

    Waste of data
    This app is completely useless. You go through 4 people and then you’re out of matches. The worst.


    Apparently useless
    I have had this app now for a few weeks. That being said, I have only seen one person in that entire time on Bumble. Stick with Tinder :/

  8. Mateo B. 425/415

    Shabby knockoff
    Bumble is a blatant knockoff of the the mobile dating app Wyldfire, from concept to its marketing. Feature-wise Bumble is exactly like Tinder, except girls start the conversations.

  9. mlotis

    Literally get no text anywhere. Can’t do anything.

  10. Konstantin Maxakov

    Pretty useless for guys
    Kind of useless for a guy (as we are usually the ones making the first move) the concept of females contacting males is just too much of a reversed extreme…. Most girls will not contact a guy, on here as well as in real world…. I would think this would be a good lesbian app, if you’re into that

  11. Rick 10k

    App doesn’t work
    It logged into my fb then it got back to the main page. every time I try it

  12. antobaduable

    Buggy now, but potential to be cool
    Photos in my edit screen are not the photos that are showing on my preview profile – it’s not updating my saved changes. You can’t import FB photos again after the initial profile setup, only from your phone (a feature Tinder doesn’t have). I imagine distance will be editable after a substantial user base is accumulated. Should be able to change or hide job/college, not always up to date on FB.

  13. Michelle614

    The guys are cute
    But out of all the guys I said yes to only 1 guy showed up in my connections. Not sure where my other yeses went…

  14. Sukainas

    :/ guess not for me
    Are all these apps on by Facebook? I feel like so many apps are losing out on more customers because you have to link it to a Facebook page. Not everyone likes or has a Facebook anymore. I stay there should be options for signing up, what happened to the good old days of what’s your email address

  15. BrianApple29

    Worst App Ever
    This app is extremely laggy and full of bugs. I would not recommend it to any of my friends.

  16. siberian7

    Could the app be more broken?
    This fails to load properly on an iPhone 6. Updates also fail to load. You might want to fix it. My other 200 apps work just fine.

  17. UniversityCoop

    Too many fake profiles

  18. proteus-ix

    Pointless because not enough members
    Update – after using the app for a few weeks, and habitually swiping all right to see who I could match with, I was getting no responses at all. (Ok 1, and we have a date scheduled, but I’m more curious than attracted). So I decided to open the criteria to all ages and maximum distance. 2 more weeks go by and it’s still crickets; hardly ever any girls for me to swipe, and no real mutual attractions out of the 3 girls on here. This just tells me that there simply aren’t enough people here. Fortunately I have no problem getting dates in real life, but this seemed cool so I thought I’d give it a go. Total waste of time. Original review: Been on the app for almost a week and I’ve only had 1 girl match me back, but then she didn’t contact me and it’s been crickets since. I have always had good results with Tinder – successful dates and a few regular buddies – and my last 2 year relationship came from OkCupid. So I’m not sure what’s going on with this, maybe there just aren’t enough people on here yet? Either way, it’s well designed so it gets 2 stars, but zero stars for zero results.

  19. Great things happen at UMass

    This App Doesn’t Make Sense
    Women like the idea of men approaching them. The concept of having women message men first doesn’t make sense. If I’m swiping right I’ve already given permission” for the guy to message me. I shouldn’t have to do the work. He should.”

  20. 00sena

    Great, but needs a big fix
    I love this app, but hate how you need to respond in 24 hours. What if you don’t compulsively check your phone? That connection is lost forever! That’s what really bothers me. I like everything else, but the expiration limit needs to be raised to a week, or maybe 24 hours from when the other person next logs in!

  21. Sm140

    Fake profiles created by bumbles Jennifer stith
    I was matched with Jennifer Stith and she chatted me up for three days. I asked for her number and she told me she was just here for bumble compliance. So bumble is secretly placing employees who have no intention of dating online to attract business. They wasted my time. Be aware.

  22. lolacom

    Does not continue after initial screen.
    I’ve had the app several weeks and have not been able to get it to work beyond the sign in with Facebook” screen. Disappointing.”

  23. Stiffmeister3

    Need to fix picture cropping
    I tried this for the first time last night and my pictures came out huge because of the cropping tool on the app. You guys need to make the cropping tool better so pictures can come out better and in my case smaller..

  24. SlimReaper35

    I’ve literally never written a review before this.
    My title sums up my frustration with this app. I have an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS installed. Yet Bumble refuses to load unless I uninstall the app then reinstall it. Even when I did manage to get it loaded, it wouldn’t send notifications even though I have them enabled. I would give this zero stars if it was possible. If the app won’t load, it is essentially only taking up space on my phone. Avoid.

  25. ReconJohnBoy

    Tinder is much better

  26. drdre74

    No matches
    I’ve had the app since release. Saw a write up on a Mac site and thought I’d give it a go. Only problem their is no go!! Lol I haven’t had anyone show up in my matches since I downloaded it.

  27. Farshad24

    Silly app
    This app is really silly. Guys will not go on there because they are being treated with a double standard. Girls will get off of it because there will be no guys.

  28. Johnbhodnwh

    Worst app
    Just use tinder… Saves you the time of going through this misery.

  29. 5tephenK

    Looks good but
    When I went to change my settings, I went from having profiles show up to none within a 100 mile radius. I’m in the DMV area and find that hard to believe.

  30. Izzyoko

    would love to try it.
    However, like tinder, this app forces you to use Facebook. something I stopped using many years ago. gag.

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