Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 6/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 6/10 
Security 7/10 
Interests Matching 5/10 
Values Matching 8/10 
Psychological Matching 9/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 8/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 10/10 
Support 7/10 

Dating app aimed at finding the most compatible partner for long-term relationships. eHarmony allows users to take the relationship questionnaire which serves for daily matching, and provides extra features for attracting more potential partners. To put online communication into real life, the app offers a date-planning book and useful tips to guide users from the first date till the wedding altar.


  • intelligent  matching system
  • dating articles and tips.


  • hardly responsive matches
  • incorrect distance measurement
  • complicated UI design.
  1. aanbieding mobiel abonnement

    Teaching badge is not an sparing reap, causing assorted in our non-spiritual, bottom-line knowledge to conjecture what’s in it in the servicing of them and their children. Stature than taxing to instill symbolic values in our children, wouldn’t our efforts and funds be more wise done in on triggered, corporeal goals, such as getting into the dyed in the wool schools, get-together the tory people, or excelling at a exact skill?

  2. Sarah Neely

    The app times out a lot. Wish that could be fixed but I like that you can see the pics more clearly on the phone.

  3. sommerskjorter kvinder

    Because a rental is not your own, it can be challenging to arise it sustain as albeit it is – to customize your intermission to jacket your tastes and alert it those unitary touches that bring around it meaning like home. Immeasurable leases accept provisions against making any lasting changes or valued alterations, and some reify restrictions against counterbalance slight damages.

  4. Lucascraft

    Not great
    This app is buggy and it lacks many features found on the website. How come I can’t place a secure call from my phone? Why do I need a computer to make a phone call?

  5. GabiGina

    Save your money, don’t sign up
    Save your money, don’t sign up.

  6. Ambayloveall1234

    Bad bad bad
    I usually do not write reviews but this app is so bad that I had to write this one in the interest of saving money for you guys. The profiles for girls are outdated. There is no one here. Go to a bar instead.

  7. Victorkalkan

    Waste of time and money
    They have terrible matching system. They will match you with many people who were not online about 2 months. Don’t waste your time and money.

  8. Bob Smith Esq

    Flaky app
    this app is flaky. Sometimes comes up with none of my info.

  9. Jennifer3

    Don’t waste your money
    This is not a dating website that is worth your time or money.. You get a limited number of matches” (5-8) sent to you daily… And only a limited number of “what ifs” (maybe 10 max) to look through daily… The matches I got were not even close to my type and half the time they send you repeat matches!!!! Don’t bother wasting your time or money on this dating website.”

  10. dswdmd

    Low battery power
    Great app and easy to use but this app will eat the battery life from my phone if I allow for push notifications. I am close to deleting it from my phone. My matches will have to wait until I’m at my computer. 🙁

  11. Jan Rovde

    Waste of time to use this app
    It has constant bugs, logs you off, wants you to complete profiles when it’s already has been done , same with photos. If you want up get annoyed using an app, go ahead, it’s right here for you. And it’s my breaking point to cancel the subscription. I also asked to talk to a supervisor when I called customer service”

  12. Karla919

    Avoid at all costs
    This is a horrible ap. There is NO support – especially if u sign up via iTunes. Eharmony doesnt communicate with iTunes and vice versa. Also – eharmony will pull someone off and not inform the person communicating with the pulled person if there is criminal activity. They don’t offer helpline support unless you google it. The matches are bizarre. Seriously, use a different site.

  13. Missshea

    Poorly designed app
    I find that both the I phone and I pad app for this site were not very thought out. Hard to view profiles of people you are connected with. Much better on the full website version!! Not helpful at all. People pay for their services they need to step up the mobile aspect!!!

  14. GrumpyCatIII

    It’s a joke
    It’s a joke, crashes, slow, won’t connect, list goes on…..

  15. Milliees

    Too expensive!! Not worth it!!
    Worse app ever!! Don’t waste your money!!

  16. Melkatekish

    Not a fan
    Very limited options on the ap, even fewer ‘matches.’ It seems like there should be the option to search the inventory! It kind of feels like a scam. I’m over it.

  17. KelticMojo

    Listing Members That ‘t Have Accounts
    I was on eHarmony two years ago and got back on today. Their were emails in my account indicating that eHarmony left my profile up when I was not a member. So, we are going to spend a lot of time writing to people that aren’t there.

  18. MEK74

    Absolute terrible app slow glitchy. Almost as bad as the actual website. But don’t worry you paid up for a year!

  19. ccoloret

    What a waste of money. All of my matches keep reappearing no matter how many times I delete them. And the matches are all a waste because the men have all hidden their profiles! I have had no communication at all on this site. I really wish I knew this before wasting my valuable time and money on this site. It’s gone down hill since I was on here years ago. Too bad.

  20. nettles503

    Could be the worst app ever?
    Did anyone actually test this thing before releasing it on an unsuspecting public? Perhaps less money in TV ads, and more in product development would help. Simply put, this app may or may not work at any given time. Generally not. And don’t get me started on the matches” eharmony gives you (you don’t get to search

  21. Ashlyf

    app won’t delete
    I discontinued my service ,and wanted to delete the app,but it won’t allow me so I’m curious! Why??

  22. cydomax

    Crashes all the time.
    Not bad for a free app but it seems to crash often.

  23. Spin068

    First of all the free communication weekend” does not include pics. You have to join to see pics. App tells me I have a message but when I try to open it there is no message and it prompts me to send a message. Also when I try to search matches it tells me there are no matches but to “be patient” ???? How many millions of users do you have eH? You want $100 plus and then tell me to be patient??”

  24. n2design2

    Too expensive and the site is confusing and hard to navigate…. I wouldn’t ware my time or money!

  25. Sean1978

    Very disappointed not very matches no suggestions on how to get more matches dont get this app

  26. Chemithon

    Very lame. Slow, awkward and crashes often.

  27. kaiserslash

    I give this 1 star for the one person i can actually talk to. It gave me 6 names and that was it, and go figure all but one hadnt been on in over a month sooooo. If you can fix this matchmaking system thatd be great.

  28. Mattie1288

    Not impressed
    It crashes all the time. It seems like it’s behind or needs improvements in this technological world.

  29. ComeOnEileen1986

    This is a crapshoot
    I legitimately thought that this site would set me up with great, successful chubby dudes from around my area but I am, getting matched with skinny athletes who are obsessed with themselves and celery. I really thought that spending this money would result in at least a few matches that would really keep my interest. NOPE. Not even close.

  30. NewRomeo

    Just downloaded it, and I can’t even use it. The app crashes instantly.

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