Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 6/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 6/10 
Security 7/10 
Interests Matching 5/10 
Values Matching 8/10 
Psychological Matching 9/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 8/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 10/10 
Support 7/10 

Dating app aimed at finding the most compatible partner for long-term relationships. eHarmony allows users to take the relationship questionnaire which serves for daily matching, and provides extra features for attracting more potential partners. To put online communication into real life, the app offers a date-planning book and useful tips to guide users from the first date till the wedding altar.


  • intelligent ¬†matching system
  • dating articles and tips.


  • hardly responsive matches
  • incorrect distance measurement
  • complicated UI design.
  1. Sussme

    No option to reset your password & that email is already in use” grr. So annoyed”

  2. Diz70

    App is fine eharmony is terrible
    I have got two matches in the last 15 days and one of them was from AZ which doesn’t help considering I live in NC. All the matches that previously where sent to me are over two hours away. Not worth spending the money on the full version.

  3. Mar00n12

    The app has very few setting to deal with account changes. Such as password changes, email notification settings, etc… As well they say a monthly cost and then force you to have to pay it all at once. Heck I didn’t even hit the sign up and pay button it forced me to pay when I just made an account.

  4. Full2Gills

    No actual matching. Just sends random folks that have none of the characteristics that you mention are important to you! None! Not a very interactive service. Not sure how the matches are chosen but they are not done well…at all. Disappointing!

  5. Linzzica

    Crashing app
    I am always having issues with the app crashing on me or freezing up. I can’t tell if emails have been sent or not and I have to go online to see. It kinda goes against the idea of an app.

  6. 9988776666

    Not so great
    I wanted to try something different and apparently there are only 8 women in the entire state of Michigan on this site. Changing settings does nothing at all.

  7. Jellybean407

    Would give no stars
    This app only works part of the time. If I smile” at someone it won’t show that I did. It tells me I have messages and then won’t show them or it won’t notify me of a new message at all. In reference to the company-it is a sham. Most of the matches are no longer active in the site. I got matched with a friend who said he had not been on the site in over a year. They are getting enough money through the sham that they run to at the very least have a working app.”

  8. Dat man of conceptions

    I only did this for tapjoy for coins

  9. Lightning baseball #23

    Terrible first impression
    I joined recently and have had numerous problems getting my profile set up. Strange, quirky messages. Have been shown several people but not one has made contact. Are these people really real? So far, not worth 1 star. Hoping eHarmony can turn it around. Would hate to think it is a total waste of $.

  10. Siouxsana

    Not worth it!
    Very disappointed. After answering questions & paying, I got one match and no ability to search for someone else where. Not worth it!!!

  11. Optimiss

    Just ok
    For a major company the app should be better . Doesn’t update a lot of times and crashes.

  12. Jaxielee

    Never Again!
    The customer service was horrible.

  13. keliza10

    Very slow and glitchy, not a lot of functionality at all. You can view profiles and communicate only with a little bit of frustration. If you accidentally hide” a profile because of the slow glitches

  14. Sir Ordersalotoftakeout

    No harmony just women who think you are the ex boyfriend
    Horrible. Bad. Four months of screwing with settings for distance and changing my profile. No help at all.

  15. Friscom99

    This app is good but they still need to fix bugs: When someone answers my questions, before I can read them they force me to send them mine. The site let’s you read it.

  16. kmgive

    This site is horrible and a complete waste of time. The initial hype and appeal immediately disappears when you join and pay your money. There is little to be desired, and frankly, I wish I’d never made the mistake of signing up.

  17. DRK882

    No good
    I love the website just hate your app. It refreshes on me a lot and even force closes on me when I want to send a messege.

  18. Koco222

    Fix this!
    Works ok wish it would let you know when you got a message you know Iike Facebook? I hate getting an email that some one winked and i cant respond unless im on the just what is the app for if you can’t communicate with it?

  19. ChuckMcGuk

    Don’t do it
    You will get 2 matches a month if you are lucky. They will be overweight, low income and fugly. If you do get a match, they will live 200 miles away.

  20. TsarEryk

    Needs work!!!!
    Lags, freezes, shuts itself down. When I log into my laptop I see my communications log, when use this app, it says I have no communications at all which, so what’s the point? very frustrating.

  21. Murder Marcy

    Decent but unstable
    The interface is slick and it has potential but it crashes too often.

  22. Baic

    Save the money
    This service is so terrible it doesn’t even deserve a star. It is full of fakes and nobody has been online in over a month, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find a date. I paid for three months, and requested a refund 15 days into it because it was so horrible. They denied my appeal and took my money without any remorse. Stay away, and spread the word that eharmony is run by crooks and thieves only after your money and not your dating needs. Get okcupid, I have had countless dates on their after a month of activity.

  23. MacBert21

    only got it 4 rewards from tapjoy
    people who need to use this type of sites to help you find love means that there is something wrong with you 90% of people here die only

  24. Soccerfan1987

    The matches are so far off and it costs way to much for nothing.

  25. !!Jenks$$!!

    Don’t download
    Waste of time.

  26. I hate this11111111

    This dating site stinks. I deleted the app and I’ll close this stupid account when I get to my computer.

  27. Maliciousnikki

    App, meh.
    App ok but uploading photos keeps crashing. Was matched with some of the most incompatible people ever, and seems eharmony builds up too high of expectations for finding ‘perfect’ person, soulmate, whatever. Get over yourselves it’s just online dating.

  28. Evan Williams

    Finding it rather hard to find stuff on it. Tried the link in the email too to find a decision. No luck so far – app or online.

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