Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 6/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 6/10 
Security 7/10 
Interests Matching 5/10 
Values Matching 8/10 
Psychological Matching 9/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 8/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 10/10 
Support 7/10 

Dating app aimed at finding the most compatible partner for long-term relationships. eHarmony allows users to take the relationship questionnaire which serves for daily matching, and provides extra features for attracting more potential partners. To put online communication into real life, the app offers a date-planning book and useful tips to guide users from the first date till the wedding altar.


  • intelligent ¬†matching system
  • dating articles and tips.


  • hardly responsive matches
  • incorrect distance measurement
  • complicated UI design.
  1. Dxnce-

    I spent over an hour customizing my profile, I log in today and ALL my info is reset straight from scratch. Not doing that all over. Uninstall.

  2. Kokomana

    Foundation is good, execution poor
    The app would be much better if it didn’t crash all the time! And the lag time issues need to be fixed. I do like the clean layout and the basic functionality is good.

  3. LriWaters9

    My review
    It should be free, you spend all your time creating a profile that does absolutely nothing for you! You have to subscribe in order to do ANYTHING

  4. Aglemor

    Hands down
    This is the clunkiest and most crash prone app I have seen yet. Out of hundreds and hundreds of apps I have tried. Using it does nothing but frustrate.

  5. Jdmac187

    Waste of Time
    This is one of the worst apps that has ever been approved by Apple. Anyone who has been suckered in by eHarmony knows that it is a scam so I won’t even comment on that. As far as the app goes it’s a piece of junk. It won’t recognize that I am a paying customer and will not show me pictures unless I upgrade.” Just a huge waste of time.”

  6. Dee Zee Zee

    Not good but only iPhone opp for eHarmony
    Just does the job but with lots of crashes and limited functionality.

  7. Mellisa78

    This thing crashes
    This app never worked it always crashed down never able to use it

  8. Tal trax

    Not worth it
    App is buggy and unreliable at best. Site is a waste of money. Save your money and go with match it’s equally as disappointing and half the price.

  9. LoniRenee84

    Don’t like..
    Don’t care for this App, bc I’m not a member there is nothing for me to do, can’t see pics, or communicate with anyone and I’m not fixing to pay $19.99 for 12 months, when just yesterday it said $9.99 for 12 months.

  10. Hans4sman

    Absolutely worst paid dating site.
    After receiving a gift card (from a friend whom had met his wife on eharmony) at there wedding, I optimistically joined. Answered all the questions and was matched. First I noticed all my matches had not been active for many months. After a month of messaging inactive matches not one response not one message even viewed and all again I saw all users where still not active. I emailed eharmony and they preceded to insist in a rude email that my matches were super busy. I said okay let’s see. At the end of month two it was the same song and dance. No Surprise as my three month membership expired I still had yet to have a single match become active. This is scam out right.

  11. Nicknac 87

    Not as good as the commercial and what others say
    I keep trying to edit and say some info about me and it never does. I also did not know that if I want to see people’s photos and try talking I HAVE to pay a price. The lowest was 19.99 a month umm no thanks eharmony I’m not paying for that. I don’t see anything FREE” about this app as it says besides answering questions

  12. Linguini123

    This is sooo bad!
    This is the worst app on my iPad! It fails to sync communications for days even when opened and checked.

  13. Semper Invictus

    Needs work!
    It does the job, but has plenty of glitches. Plenty of room for improvement. Can’t believe the extend of steps to delete people from your potential matches.


    Horribly buggy
    Never updates correctly. Have to force close and reopen in order to update. Terrible app.

  15. Lyn lyn 19

    Horrible, first I have to type my information 5 times then I found out that there’s a fee… And I can’t even see the other persons pictures.. You guys can better do than this.. Shame on you

  16. EHuser999

    This app never work
    This app is constantly crashing. Only works about an eighth of the time.

  17. Loaphil

    Awful the stupid thing has not been showing me people who try to contact me.. Said only 11 forever and now today it jumped to 52 and most of them have not been on for a month

  18. Dealio1973

    The app is horrible
    It crashes, freezes and at times doesn’t show all the pics/information.

  19. Harrygthree

    Hiding matches
    I’m hiding matches I’m not interested in and the next day they’re back in my list. I’m not interested in them, eHarmony!

  20. Edmax49

    I’m not impressed.
    I’m not 100% impressed with this app. I have the iPad app it’s a tiny bit better in that you can have the ability to close apps. This app you can’t close matches and I would have hoped that my notifications would show up on my phone when I have some type of activity. I think for being a great website to meet your soulmate” you’d have better apps and have fixed the ability to close your matches.”

  21. Eharm_sucks

    This app frustrates me to no end! It will decide I need to answer questions to complete my profile (such as where I went to school and other things I do not wish to answer) and won’t let me continue on without answering. I’d like to maintain some privacy and if I choose not to answer some questions I shouldn’t be blackmailed into doing so for the sake of the app. I refuse to continue to delete the app and reload only for the same BS to pop up again in another day or so. Eharmony, your app is bad…and you should feel bad. I won’t even go into the service itself, seeing as this is an inappropriate venue to do so.

  22. EharmonyScam

    No matches?
    I know I’m not having luck finding someone offline, but to tell me that they can’t find matches for me online either? It’s a scam to get you to pay the huge membership fees.

  23. DesiZadul

    EH is poop
    Waste of time.

  24. Davie Rashell

    Waste of money
    I only downloaded the app because the site was impossible to work on my phone! But that beside the fact the the idea of the site is completely pointless! Everyone I’m matched with hasn’t been on the site for months so I get 0 responses, most of the girls I’m matched with are very physically I attractive or live on the other side of the country! Honestly, keep your confidence, money, and time don’t loose it here!

  25. Drivengsxr1000

    Iphone 4s crashes all the time
    Very unreliable freezes all the time

  26. rB1895

    Terrible app
    Wouldn’t even download restarted the download like 8 times do NOT waste your time on this if it was possible I wouldn’t even rate a star

  27. er-nat

    Doesn’t sync
    Emails don’t get sent, doesn’t sync….overall not too impressed.

  28. L Kulb

    Don’t waste your time or $$$
    Complete rip-off!!

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