Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 6/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 6/10 
Security 7/10 
Interests Matching 5/10 
Values Matching 8/10 
Psychological Matching 9/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 8/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 10/10 
Support 7/10 

Dating app aimed at finding the most compatible partner for long-term relationships. eHarmony allows users to take the relationship questionnaire which serves for daily matching, and provides extra features for attracting more potential partners. To put online communication into real life, the app offers a date-planning book and useful tips to guide users from the first date till the wedding altar.


  • intelligent ¬†matching system
  • dating articles and tips.


  • hardly responsive matches
  • incorrect distance measurement
  • complicated UI design.
  1. Pennscho

    Worse than before
    I’m only giving it 1 star bc u have to give it a star at all. You can’t cancel. You can’t get a refund. It’s even more expensive than before. No quality matches. And you’re constantly bombarded with useless updates. Worst site ever. And this is after my friends convinced me to try again. Horrible!!! Terrible customer service because there’s no actual customer service. There’s just a warm body that pics up a phone and helps you with nothing. No concessions for a crap site. Don’t waste your money. You’ll have better luck in a bar. And that’s being generous.

  2. Nooooooo000000011

    Won’t work
    It won’t let me past the first page it says u r 0% done but won’t let me do Nything!!!!! I will delete if its not fixed!!!!

  3. Datesiteregular

    Not good
    For as much money as this site costs, you would think they would perfect their app. No chance.

  4. Longdongbrennan

    Horrible waste of money
    Absolutely horrible. Makes it extremely hard to meet someone

  5. Supermegaultraannoyed

    Has Issues
    Crashes all the time, please fix

  6. Gary Wade

    The design is poor
    It’s too easy to want to fire up the full site and use it on an iPhone rather than use the dedicated app. Also, putting the Close button for match closing in the place where people expect a button to close a window shows a lack in understanding of good UI. Also, when you submit issues to the customer support, their immediate answer is to uninstall an reinstall the app rather than to pass the issue on the engineering department when anyone who can read English would realize their advice doesn’t apply. Hire real developers and UX experts.

  7. LannaE

    You can’t hardly do anything until you pay almost $150 for membership.

  8. amy washington

    Hardly any matches… Won’t refund my money. Not worth it

  9. Itsmecece82

    Needs to be like website
    This would be better if it had the functions like the website does. I use my computer more than the app. I wish I could search myself. But they try and match you and I get that but most of the people they match me with are not great.

  10. JoyOriginals

    I have been on eHarmony for almost a year. More than many matches were outside of my area and did not meet my requested specifics” such as non-smoker

  11. Stale app

    This app is awful–it is very slow to turn overs responses back from matches. It still says someone is new” even though they’re not. Terrible –use the main website instead.”

  12. Beckyrene73

    It’s just OK
    It’s just OK. I blocked matches and they continue to appear on my daily matches. I’m in not rush to find my other half, but process is tedious. I will not be renewing my membership. The application keeps booting me off.

  13. Tellsplatte80903

    Functionality is horrible.
    Keeps crashing while writing email when there is a notice. They had a new update and it still does it. The programmers must be incompetent.

  14. Kent Critchell

    It’s ok
    Not as good as the website.

  15. rB1895

    Terrible app
    Wouldn’t even download restarted the download like 8 times do NOT waste your time on this if it was possible I wouldn’t even rate a star

  16. Anthony Mulhern

    Crashy & Weird
    I like eHarmony as a service, but this app is written pretty poorly. I’ve lost communications with potential matches because the app crashes on me in the middle of sending them. Also, it doesn’t totally sync up with the website. Rewrite this thing, already!

  17. BalloonPilot007

    Ridiculously Lacking in Functionality
    The regular website is pretty poor as well, so I don’t know why I thought the app would be any better. You need to have the same functionality in the app as the web. Very simple.

  18. J Michael Evans

    The app itself is ok. My issues are with eharmony. The advertise all those millions of users. Ok well where are they? If you’re lucky, you may get 3 matches a day. They try to tell you that your search area is too small. Well I’m sorry. I don’t want to date someone 120+ miles away. Matching system seems to be junk. I’m not seeing how it’s scientific. After spending over an hour answering their prodding questions, it doesn’t even seem like it uses those in matching you up with others. I have a couple months left on my plan but seriously doubt I’ll renew. It’s just a scam to take your hard earned

  19. Jakes566

    No one uses this site anymore
    I had signed on to this site years ago and it was great. My gf of 3 years and I just broke up so I signed on again. I haven’t been on for more than a few weeks, and every bit of 70% of the matches they send me are inactive accounts. Then when you complain about it they feed you this line of bull about how they don’t track activity, or that people take vacations and aren’t always on every day. Yeah, thanks EH for putting it back on me. When every other match says ‘active more than a month ago’ – how is that my fault for wanting to be sent profiles of people that are actually using the site? This is a total scam at this point. People aren’t using it, and it’s not even remotely worth spending your money on this joke of a company.

  20. BobbieJ76

    Needs work
    Good idea but could be better. Sometimes just shuts down while navigating. After shutting down by itself it then can’t find recent matches or communication. Getting a little frustrating.

  21. pretty*p

    waste of money and time
    Pricey dating site that doesn’t allow me to pick my potential suitor. The matches” selected for me are either outside of the parameters that I selected or live clear across the country. I’m not looking for a long distance relationship…eharmony doesn’t get it. I will be canceling my membership. I should have followed my first instinct and signed up with Match instead. live and learn.”

  22. Guy George

    80% of my matches are from out of state and there is no filter button on the app. I want my money back!

  23. McNasty713

    Waste of our money
    I seriously want my money back for this crap, we pay far to much for nothing…

  24. jennsuzy

    Trying to be a little too fancy. Annoying.
    Just simplify, and make it work more smoothly, please. Needs a refresh button or something.

  25. KelticMojo

    Listing Members That ‘t Have Accounts
    I was on eHarmony two years ago and got back on today. Their were emails in my account indicating that eHarmony left my profile up when I was not a member. So, we are going to spend a lot of time writing to people that aren’t there.

  26. iamwix

    Such a bad app
    it’s awful! Always crashing and now if you have notifications turned off it forces you to go to the menu to turn them on.

  27. Katie Rupp

    Not worth it
    I had read the reviews, but decided to give it a shot anyway. So unless you sign up for a membership, you can’t see anyone’s picture. Then, the lowest membership subscription the have is 3 months for 39.99 a month, but you have to pay in one installment. Not appealing. There should be a one-month trial option. It’s just not the best app, you’re better off with tinder!

  28. The_Bake

    Crap app!
    Spent the better part of half a day answering and typing all the replies to the questionnaire and submitting photos and even received the confirmation email that my questions and photos were submitted. I can login but it tells me to start my profile again!!! B.S.!! I called customer service and they could not tell me anything but we don’t know why this happened? We see the profile was complete but for some reason it’s not there?” I told them to close my acct! Game over eHarmony!”

  29. Starfish3617

    Great when it actually updates
    Half the time it doesn’t update the matches or communication and is very slow!

  30. Kimmie70

    Freezes and causes re logins And doesn’t update efficiently

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