Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 6/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 6/10 
Security 7/10 
Interests Matching 5/10 
Values Matching 8/10 
Psychological Matching 9/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 8/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 10/10 
Support 7/10 

Dating app aimed at finding the most compatible partner for long-term relationships. eHarmony allows users to take the relationship questionnaire which serves for daily matching, and provides extra features for attracting more potential partners. To put online communication into real life, the app offers a date-planning book and useful tips to guide users from the first date till the wedding altar.


  • intelligent  matching system
  • dating articles and tips.


  • hardly responsive matches
  • incorrect distance measurement
  • complicated UI design.
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  2. Larsmeister32

    It’s okay…
    App is convenient but crashes a lot and is really slow. There is a lot of room for improvements and enhancements

  3. paras pepputreeni kotona

    A string along firm may be in order. Pinpoint chores that, well-earned to their manifest or ballade demands, pronunciation heft be “cross” more than main, daily tasks. Hither mowing the untested, cleaning the bathrooms, or weeding the garden. Off kids reasonably to inspirit them to look offhanded to – or, at the in all respects least, not actively circumvent – these tasks.

  4. Worth.less app

    This app is the most difficult, unreliable app I have used. Do not waste your money.

  5. Doe Joe

    Poor app
    Pros: lets you see thumbnail pics in the matches page next to names. This is good to quuckly archive” people who open a profile and never post pics (if you expect me to start communication without a pic you are crazy

  6. gagemaster

    Complete abortion
    Worst app interface. So your trying to do on line dating right? This thing freezes up and crashes. Eharm changed the whole site to be more trendy and made a land mine field. I would bet my life se soccer mom designed this app and the new site. Nice job! Complete fail. Next time you guys hire someone to design you website and or apps look outside the company.

  7. Pissdoff2

    It’s a joke

  8. LiseBee

    Needs work
    This app is extremely glitchy, and the format is not streamline.

  9. Airbornefligirl

    Drops emails
    This app is terrible. I was talking back and forth to this guy and this app dropped emails constantly. This dating service is way too expensive and the cheap app is just a slap in the face.

  10. Dustie calf

    Worst ever
    This site is horrible!!!!! Do not waste your time or money!!!!

  11. Abrad76488

    Convienent but way too many bugs
    I can’t see my mailbox, it keeps telling me my password is wrong at random times and if I update something on the website it does not update on the app as well sometimes. This app though I use it, needs work.

  12. Surf budd Rippah

    My account was taken over by a hacker. E-harmony forfeited my account even if I were the victim. No phone number available for complaints! What you receive are automated responses! Do not expose yourself to hackers!

  13. MsMUA

    Worst dating website ever
    There is something wrong with EHarm back end analytics and algorithms for matching. For 3 months I had my distance set at within 30 miles” and “very important. I also love in Downtown Los Angeles – the second biggest metropolitan city in the U.S. I received about one match a week with this setting. Impossible there are no men in LA. Then I tried to make the setting “somewhat important” to see if I got more matches. All of a sudden

  14. Erich64

    This app is horrible. Not enough people use it so I am not able to find any quality matches and it is way to expensive!!! Not a fan

  15. Yogi_love44

    Don’t use to send messages
    Even when connect to my wifi it comes up w/error message that it’s not connect and you will lose your message! Needs lots of improvement.

  16. Cmdwil

    Liked the old one better

  17. ThangRong

    The site has quite a few bugs since it kept saying that I have no new match the first month so I have reset my profile 3 times. A lot of the matches do not match criteria or from old members who have not visited the site for more than 30 days.

  18. Cannon paracorder

    Not as useful as advertised
    I’ve used this app religiously for months now, and have yet to find anyone interesting; although this is my first matching service, it is terrible at helping you find people you may be interested in. Very disappointed.

  19. corvettematt

    Please fix notifications
    Notifications don’t work in this version.

  20. Koco222

    Fix this!
    Works ok wish it would let you know when you got a message you know Iike Facebook? I hate getting an email that some one winked and i cant respond unless im on the just what is the app for if you can’t communicate with it?

  21. TJF05!

    Just saying…
    Everyone that was matched for me was much older than me, talking 8+years. However if I put the age ranges I was interested in, there’d be none. It’s a little disheartening. The app is also slow which irritates things more.

  22. Dede2010

    Doesn’t update in real time, not very user friendly.

  23. TiffLovesMusic

    For a dating site that has claimed to be the best…it’s just a money sucker! To pretty much do anything, you have to subscribe. I did and I am going to cancel it & ask for a full refund! The lowest price it has is $119 for 3 months????? Excuse me, who has that to spare?! On top of that, the matches are slim pickings! There is barely any that pop up. I am very unimpressed!

  24. Miccop123

    Don’t waste your time. Been on here for 5 months and nothing. Not many men in my area even on here. Spent over $130 for nothing so far. Waste of my time.

  25. Atl Review

    Eharmony Review
    I have been a member for three months now, so I am speaking from experience….very expensive to begin with, people you try to communicate with hardly ever respond back bc they are not actual members, and this iPhone app a l w a y s has technical issues, and it’s soooo very frustrating.

  26. Ice cold world

    Not worth it
    Doesn’t have a lot of options and doesn’t locate ppl well. Either u get ppl from all around the country or few to none.

  27. Jld389

    Better off using your laptop
    Web app is bad. Unreliable and limited functionality. Very disappointing

  28. Veggiegirl08

    Needs improvement
    Way too slow, crashes a lot, no way to zoom in on pics, no way to search by name, etc. That said, I have very limited computer internet access so if there weren’t a phone app I would have deleted my account by now.

  29. Shawn Almen

    Horrible matches
    Consistently received matches with no picture or inactive within 2-3 wks and some just plain un attractive for my taste. It’s too bad, cause I do like the eharmony idea, but just feel there is not enough members. Why else would I only get 1-2 matches a day? Then if I don’t like those have to wait another 2-3 days for more…. Yeh no thank you I’m moving on after my subscription is over…

  30. Cardinal bill

    Don’t do it
    Save your money. App is beyond bad and business model is lame and broken. Very few active people and filters don’t work. Waste of time, effort and money. Better to use your grandmother to find a date…

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