Usability 6/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 2/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 3/10 
Security 5/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 8/10 
People Search 6/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 3/10 
Support 3/10 

Another geolocation-based app aimed at meeting people you’ve crossed paths with in real life. Happn uses GPS tracking to monitor its members and notifies them when they walk across one another.  Users can like each other, though it remains secret until liking is mutual. And only in this case you are allowed to start a conversation, which can make you wait for too long before finally getting in touch with your crush.


  • mutual opt-in style of meeting
  • localization privacy.


  • little chance of coming across another user
  • duplicated matches
  • can’t start a conversation without mutual liking
  • incorrect notification service.
  1. macolb

    Doesn’t work
    Cute idea in theory but isn’t actually practical to use in a city like NYC where there are millions of people packed in 300 square miles. Also cannot create a profile…the photos can’t be sorted and disappear. Seems too buggy to stand up against the other dating apps other there.

  2. JS3MTA3

    Doesn’t work
    Won’t connect to the Internet. Fake reviews. Obnoxious ads. Two thumbs down. If I could give zero stars I would.

  3. Smokz

    My app Dosent let me view the profiles of the people it brings up a error

  4. uhalan

    Liked it until it stopped working
    After upgrading to iPhone 6 seems to stopped working on my phone any suggestions?

  5. Lalalastarlauren

    Needs update
    All of a sudden it never works. I can go in but if I click on any pictures they won’t load to see people. Needs an update asap,

  6. rbny2la

    Lots of bugs
    Lots of bugs in this last update. Profiles not loading, messages not sending, duplicate message threads, like button not working. This last update broke lots of important features in the app. Need better QA before pushing a release out.

  7. Michael Stahler

    Keeps crashing. It also got a lot of my info wrong, like my age. When I tried to sync it with FB, I kept getting an error notice.

  8. Iec123456

    Good but buggy
    App has a bug that deletes or doesn’t show parts of messages you receive. Also, you’d get matches from people who weren’t active for months

  9. RacerDave

    Great idea, terrible UI
    Love the concept but it has two major flaws. 1) you can’t filter by anything more than age and the number of people to scroll through becomes so unwieldy I surely miss people entirely. And 2) is the horrible implementation of the Charms. These are paid ‘winks’ basically. But I accidentally charm people all the time that. Either while scrolling and accidentally hitting the Charm button or after clicking the check mark and it seemingly not responding I click it again just as it morphs to say charm. I’ve even written in about all my wasted charms and nobody even responds. So, two stars.

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