Usability 6/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 2/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 3/10 
Security 5/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 8/10 
People Search 6/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 3/10 
Support 3/10 

Another geolocation-based app aimed at meeting people you’ve crossed paths with in real life. Happn uses GPS tracking to monitor its members and notifies them when they walk across one another.  Users can like each other, though it remains secret until liking is mutual. And only in this case you are allowed to start a conversation, which can make you wait for too long before finally getting in touch with your crush.


  • mutual opt-in style of meeting
  • localization privacy.


  • little chance of coming across another user
  • duplicated matches
  • can’t start a conversation without mutual liking
  • incorrect notification service.
  1. Science lover lv

    Beyond buggy
    I hate leaving bad reviews since I know how much it takes to make a good app, but this app is beyond buggy. Messages go missing or multiples get sent. Conversations die out of confusion. Considering the current and previous versions have been so unstable I don’t expect much coming from this app/team.

  2. Sadatzu

    Broken app yo
    It was an interesting idea but it’s a broken app now taking up space. Been a few days n you guys still don’t got an update? Why push out a broken build yo! Apple, why’d you even approve it. Does no one QA? 5s user here

  3. anjawithaj

    Execution needs to improve
    Great idea. But sliding down to see the full photo is difficult,and it cuts heads off if you don’t. Also you should be able to filter by how often you have crossed paths.

  4. Seth Argabright

    Was working fine until update
    Now it crashes immediately on my iPhone 5s. I liked the concept though. If they get it working again, I would rate it higher.

  5. Kimmymarie08

    I’ve downloaded this app several times because it keeps crashing. It doesn’t even last a full day anymore before it crashes.

  6. lovemuisca

    Good idea, horrible app
    This app is a really good idea but it gets a little too complex at times. The app is also super glitchy and crashes all the time. It’s really slow and just not great at all.

  7. Norcal bay

    Have to sign in with Facebook?!?!
    Forget it!!!

  8. Clippers98867

    The new update blows.

  9. Yhellotherericky

    Useless without credits
    Anyone know how I can get free credits

  10. Seriously!!!!'

    So this app not only won’t let me filter to only view guys. It took it upon itself to delete my previous review. Even tho it allows you select preference in gender it will only show women if your Facebook gender is male.. This app is basically useless. Would have gotten 0 stars but I’m required to give at least one to write a review.

  11. mnrockclimber

    Too few users
    So I’ve been working at the Minnesota State Fair. It’s a 12 day event that draws something like a 400 thousand people a day. Not once have I crossed paths with a Happn user. You’d think at least one person in the giant crowds concentrated into less than 300 acres would have the app. How close do you have to be to get notified? Cool idea, but with no users it’s worthless.

  12. Duped Derrick

    Don’t Bother
    This app seems fun but I am very suspicious that it actually works. After 50 attempts of liking” somebody and not getting any response I deleted app. I’m sure one could argue that maybe people aren’t interested in me – however – I was relieved to hear five of my fiends deleted the app for the exact same reason.”

  13. Jj1121777

    Doesn’t work well
    Not a good app, buggy

  14. ThorWillSmashYou

    Buggy and not original
    The idea of being Facebook-based is neat, but then again, it was neat when Tinder first came up with it. I really like the concept of seeing people with whom you crossed paths, but if only it would show me people based on the criteria I specified. In other words, hasn’t worked at all for me yet – hence the 2-star review. Another major bug is when uploading and ordering pictures – that experience is also a nightmare. I really like it that you can choose what Facebook information to share with the app, and that you can upload pictures directly from your phone.

  15. Coins 0115

    Coins !
    Good concept but to charge men and and give women free access is a step in the wrong direction; it makes men seem desperate.

  16. John Smith

    Hungry happn
    App keeps scanning in background and drains battery. Yet not as many bypasses as expected. Disappointed

  17. J_star_1

    Crazy buggy
    Get to work developers.

  18. hugo corvera

    I thought this app was pretty cool but the new update makes it crash when I try opening it….

  19. Mollyyyyyyy3

    REALLY buggy
    Keeps crashing

  20. PaulieMotz

    Cannot log in.

  21. Hackacha

    Not a a single match
    I heart anyone I cross paths with and I haven’t gotten a single like back … Better than tinder though where if someone does like you it happens to be a fake profile

  22. Smokz

    My app Dosent let me view the profiles of the people it brings up a error


    It’s good but not for me
    I live in NY and I see results from this thing. But this app isn’t for me. Not to be racist, this comment isn’t, but I’m African American and I date any race. Unfortunately that’s not the case for most other ppl and all I see for results are white ppl. Who I’m sure will only date other white ppl. Good app tho. Just not for me

  24. theinternationaltraveler

    Needs work
    Interesting concept, but needs a lot of work. My main complaint is that you can only change Location Services to Always” or “Never”. I don’t want to have it on while I’m at work – I’ve already awkwardly seen a few coworkers. Either add the “Only when using app” location services option or allow the user to block out certain areas/turn off location services from within the app.”

  25. Smindseyyy

    Doesn’t work…
    I downloaded this and I keep getting an error message at startup saying an unknown error occurred and to check my connection, but I am connected to the Internet.

  26. Snickelfitz

    Newest version doesn’t work
    App seems to be broken now

  27. Fan2.00

    Keeps crashing
    Was a great way to meet ppl before update. Now it won’t stay open longer than 2 seconds before crashing out of the app. Pls fix and I will update review


    Its ok

  29. Loveleigal

    Someone is using my number!
    Apparently someone who has a profile is using my cell number to give out to people. I don’t even have a happn account (Just made one to do a review) I’ve never heard of happn until this person was texting claiming he’s been chatting with me. He sent me screenshots of the girl named Michelle” who is using my number. Very upset!!”

  30. Jefanerd

    Works worse than ever!
    Never got push notifications before. Now I have 76 of them but can’t actually respond to messages or open anyone’s profile without the app crashing! Yay

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