Usability 4/10 
Design 5/10 
Huge Database 3/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 3/10 
Security 5/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 4/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 3/10 

Dating app that puts focus on connecting users through real friends just as they do at a social gathering. Unlike GPS-based apps that choose location as one of the main matching criteria, Hinge finds a compatible partner based on mutual friends. On the one hand, it helps to avoid randos, but your matching opportunities get so severely restricted by your friends’ networks that it may slow down or even impede your dating life.


  • no randos because of friend-based matching.


  • account verification via Facebook
  • user must have at least one Facebook friend who is already using the app
  • matching restrictions – max. 15 matches per day
  • no profile creation – photos and other information are taken from Facebook, user can’t upload anything
  • doesn’t take into account relationship status.
  1. BVG8020

    Great idea, poor execution The idea for this app is great, to connect people to friends of friends. But the execution is terrible. This app has awful UI, is buggy and slow (or fails) to load. I often have to close out and re-open. Most annoying, it fails to notify me when I have a message or fails to send a message that has appeared to go through and then doesn’t notify me. Needs a lot of work to run smoothly.

  2. Zippy Zoppy

    Fraud I mean, the lead review was written by the founder of the company! Quit stuffing the ballot box, guys! The people behind Hinge must know that their app isn’t that good, because they keep releasing new versions to wipe out the bad product reviews every week or so. The reality is that this is one of the worst 2-3 apps I have used. I’ll admit, the theory behind the product is good, but that doesn’t mean anything to anyone. The bugs are brutal; the first-time user experience is atrocious; and users are leaving like rats on a ship. No one I know uses it anymore…Tinder is KILLING these guys. Time to move on. For reals.

  3. Hounddog233

    Needs expansion They need to expand to more cities. It’s annoying and I’ll probably forget about this app and move to another one if they neglect the mid size markets forever. Needed: Louisville KY, Charleston SC, Honolulu.

  4. PeyDiddy

    Last update doesn’t work Haven’t had any matches since the last update.

  5. DreamCQ

    No options No options for those on the LGBT spectrum. What are the bisexuals and pansexuals supposed to do? I recommend inclusion if they want this to take off.

  6. D R W D C

    Be young, but not too young This app is wired to function if you are 18-45. Not a flaw necessarily but be aware you won’t be shown to other users if you are younger or older. The developers don’t want to be rude I guess, so they don’t make that clear up front. You’ll find out in the preferences section. Otherwise a cute app for those who still use Facebook.


    Can’t write messages! I love the idea of this app, but there are so many issues. You can never send messages, and when I contacted customer support, they told me to close it and reopen, which definitely didn’t work. So I kept trying and then gave up. What’s the point of a dating app if you can’t get in touch with matches? So frustrating! Please get the kinks out BEFORE going live!

  8. Green door and neon red sign

    Still slow and buggy Hinge takes forever to load everything, especially when I first open the app and when loading pictures. Also sometimes I don’t get notifications for matches or messages. Also, I am forced to put 16 photos of me on my profile. Why?? The only good thing about this app is that it makes it easy to Facebook stalk people. This way, I can see their photos without having to wait for them to load on the app. The concept of this is great but please make it better.

  9. Caleb Frost

    Now broken Update breaks app. Won’t launch

  10. Goalie Feltersnatch

    Update screwed up After the update… Every match showed up as a new one. Let’s tighten that s- up.

  11. donnichichi

    4s Crashes The update just crashes the app. Looks like i’m not meeting up with one of those girls this week, since i didn’t actually write her number down. Tough break Hinge.

  12. Uninspired nickname

    Only profile pictures? The fact that you can only use profile pictures is a serious drawback. Tinder shows how easy it is to link to other albums/photos you’ve uploaded, or photos in which you’ve been tagged… Hinge could really improve by adding this component. Not everyone uploads tons of photos as their profile picture, so you end up presenting a potentially misrepresented profile.

  13. Spdmn1

    I can’t log in The app does not let me log in. There should be a fox for this?

  14. Dr doolittledick

    FIX THE MESSENGER What’s the point of being introduced” to people through the app if you can’t communicate with them?? The messenger function is hopelessly glitchy. Cuts off messages after a sentence. I would’ve given 4-5 stars for concept and matching

  15. H9834

    App won’t open Won’t open at all after newest update. Loads for a minute and then force closes itself.

  16. Banditof87

    Constantly crashes/ won’t open Quality of people is great. The app constantly crashes. I will have messages that are days old and it never notifies me. Same complaints from my friends.

  17. danetrain88

    Doesn’t work Barely even opens. Immediately crashes, and I’ve deleted and re-installed it multiple times.

  18. Legal.Eagle

    Privacy Issues 1. First names (not full names) should be shown as default. Give users the option to show their full name if they want to. 2. Also by default, private photos should obviously stay private. Showing all past 25 profile photos (regardless of privacy setting) is quite the invasion of privacy. 3. Users should be able to edit/remove and upload new profile photos. 4. Further, stop spamming users! Do not send us daily reminders to check your app. Talk about annoying.

  19. Way2thetop

    Unusable The app flat out does not work. You can’t navigate between pages and match notifications never go away. It also doesn’t give the full number of new people anymore. I’m supposed to see 13 people every day and so far I haven’t seen more than 5 before it tells me I have to wait until tomorrow. Also, the one 5 star rating is clearly someone who works for them because it’s written like an advertisement. Really a shame to to have to delete this because the app had so much potential. Oh well…useless now!

  20. T3ch Guru

    Horrible Not available in all areas. They’ll send you an email when available…ha! Not worth the time.

  21. mikelivesintexas

    Great idea, but performance is buggy. Tired of the mess of OKC or continual swiping on Tinder? Then Hinge is where you want to be. They really do match you with friends of your friends, so you’re more likely to meet someone you’re compatible with. However, be advised the messaging system is FLAWED. even if you’re on a rock-solid data network or connected to wifi at home, you will likely receive a notification of a new message (and be able to read part of it), but not see the full message in the app for minutes, or sometimes hours.

  22. Peter France

    Broke the build. New version won’t even load. Does hinge even do any QA?

  23. Katedylan09

    Stuck?? Ok soo i’ve been on tinder,pof,zoosk u know all those typical dating websites figured I’d try this one and it’s pretty much stuck on the homepage and won’t let me match or anything. it just is stuck there telling me to invite my friends…. Also the few times I get a match now are nothing I would even consider dating ever in my entire life there so not even close to any match”.. Don’t waste your time getting this app”

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