Usability 4/10 
Design 5/10 
Huge Database 3/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 3/10 
Security 5/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 4/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 3/10 

Dating app that puts focus on connecting users through real friends just as they do at a social gathering. Unlike GPS-based apps that choose location as one of the main matching criteria, Hinge finds a compatible partner based on mutual friends. On the one hand, it helps to avoid randos, but your matching opportunities get so severely restricted by your friends’ networks that it may slow down or even impede your dating life.


  • no randos because of friend-based matching.


  • account verification via Facebook
  • user must have at least one Facebook friend who is already using the app
  • matching restrictions – max. 15 matches per day
  • no profile creation – photos and other information are taken from Facebook, user can’t upload anything
  • doesn’t take into account relationship status.
  1. sethfri

    Don’t Update Latest version deletes some messages, meaning I don’t know if I’ve already messaged a girl or not, making for some really awkward interactions. Do not update! Additionally, STILL doesn’t support the latest iPhone resolutions

  2. danetrain88

    Doesn’t work Barely even opens. Immediately crashes, and I’ve deleted and re-installed it multiple times.

  3. Skppp

    Would have given 5 Would have given 5 but the app is saying it can’t reach the network even after a reinstall. Please fix connectivity issues

  4. mikelivesintexas

    Great idea, but performance is buggy. Tired of the mess of OKC or continual swiping on Tinder? Then Hinge is where you want to be. They really do match you with friends of your friends, so you’re more likely to meet someone you’re compatible with. However, be advised the messaging system is FLAWED. even if you’re on a rock-solid data network or connected to wifi at home, you will likely receive a notification of a new message (and be able to read part of it), but not see the full message in the app for minutes, or sometimes hours.

  5. BrD1887

    Major Message Glitch in new update Such a good concept but it just never seems to run well. Newest update: Messages get cut off by ellipses and it hinders the whole conversation part of the app..which is kinda important.

  6. Jaqko

    not queer friendly What’s with the straight/gay binary? Not cool.

  7. Zikans

    Still fails at sending and updating messages I don’t I understand how they can fail at nailing down basic functionality. I had three messages in a row fail to send to three different people. If anything it’s gotten worse as updates go along.

  8. Sachin D

    Needs better pictures control Let me select from pictures in albums other than Photos of Me” – Tinder is great in that aspect. Let me zoom in on pictures when choosing them

  9. Peppamenta

    Good concept, execution fail Conceptually, this approach to online dating makes a lot of sense. From an execution perspective hinge couldn’t have done a worse job. It’s actually surprising Apple even allowed it on this store. Poor user experience compounded with way too many bugs is enough for anyone to quit. Here’s to hoping their new funding brings in a solid product and eng team to get this app where it needs to be and fast!

  10. Lasha E

    Can’t connect I’m stuck after registering with Facebook

  11. Elfel123

    Messaging does not work Looks good but messaging doesn’t work. Can’t actually message people I match with, or it’s very sporadic (which is in some ways worse). Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the app.

  12. Lonestarspice

    Horrible The fact that it makes you have 16 photos is ridiculous. Once you change that, it might be better. Then again you know how people think they are better than the people that use their app.

  13. Death_from_above9472

    Good idea, awful app One of the shoddiest apps I’ve ever used. Needs to be restarted to fetch new messages, loses messages I type without sending them.

  14. logic7

    Shows you married people sometimes. I’m pretty sure Hinge shows you people who don’t have the app. In talking with a friend she mentioned that Hinge has shown her the profiles of friends who are married and definitely not attempting to cheat. Why would you use a network where all your friends would see? That makes me assume that Hinge is showing the profiles of people who haven’t actually downloaded the app in order to artificially inflate the perceived pool. Even so, the pool in the Boston area is very very small. They don’t have a sufficient user base to be an effective tool for dating.

  15. helenadara

    More sexualities than gay and straight please! I downloaded this app and deleted it seconds later when it only gave me the option of being either gay or straight. Not cool.

  16. Nyesq4

    Repeated error message Keep getting and unknown error message which force quits the app. Not sure what the issue is.

  17. Lovely48

    Horrible Algorithm- Doesn’t learn Why can’t you select factors like religion? It says that the algorithm will learn over time, but despite the fact that I only ever select people of my same ethnicity and religion it keeps sending me profiles with neither of those factors correct. Just let me filter–this app is useless and just takes up my time!

  18. Oganet

    Can’t login Can’t login!

  19. presidank

    what happened to the favorites tab? why would you make it so we can no longer view our favorites? how are we supposed to go back to a profile and see if there are mutual friends we can ask? this was a really poor decision.

  20. Colmillos101

    I have no people to talk to? This is definitely not working yet. Been waiting for days and it still says that it’s loading people fore to talk to

  21. 1month player

    Messages are truncated It losses the purpose of the app…

  22. Everything taken

    Bugs Great concept, but never gives the right notifications, push notifications don’t go away, and always so slow!! Get notified sometimes but not always which makes communication really difficult. I think it got worse since the new version. Really could be a great app, please fix!!

  23. AK0909

    Bummed Bummed that this app doesn’t seem to want to work at all on my phone, because it seems like a great idea. Half the time it crashes as soon as I open it. The times it does open and I manage to log in with Facebook

  24. Missed connections

    Buggy Ditto what everybody else said. Messages don’t go through, which undermines the whole point of this thing. Really disappointed when I figured this out. Please fix the messenger to make it more reliable. Bring back the email option too!

  25. Possiblehomersexual

    BUGGY This app is ridiculously buggy. It’s such a great idea but, I’m amazed at how poorly it functions. I’ve had SO many conversations end abruptly only to find out that it was due to the APP! You guys are sabotaging relationships! Plus, everything loads like I’m on my 1st gen iPhone! FIX PLEASE!

  26. Emme72310

    Awful App I tried downloading this app 7 times unsuccessfully. Not worth the time to even attempt again.

  27. spot8410

    Can’t get past connecting to Facebook. This app doesn’t work. My iPhone 4g is running osx 7.1.1 — the app downloads but then does not let you get past the downloading user data” screen. Like everyone else said. Also they have not communicated this issue on their twitter or blog.”

  28. Poopishish

    Didn’t even work Terrible

  29. JoshSchaup

    Facebook Sign In Yet another app that requires you to log in with Facebook. When will these apps realize that Facebook is the new MySpace, and that by requiring users to use a Facebook profile to use the app, they’re damning themselves.

  30. Jmateen

    Just another rip off of tinder… Nice try

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