Usability 4/10 
Design 5/10 
Huge Database 3/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 3/10 
Security 5/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 4/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 3/10 

Dating app that puts focus on connecting users through real friends just as they do at a social gathering. Unlike GPS-based apps that choose location as one of the main matching criteria, Hinge finds a compatible partner based on mutual friends. On the one hand, it helps to avoid randos, but your matching opportunities get so severely restricted by your friends’ networks that it may slow down or even impede your dating life.


  • no randos because of friend-based matching.


  • account verification via Facebook
  • user must have at least one Facebook friend who is already using the app
  • matching restrictions – max. 15 matches per day
  • no profile creation – photos and other information are taken from Facebook, user can’t upload anything
  • doesn’t take into account relationship status.
  1. Evand8

    Terrible! Rated zero stars!!!! App said it’s not available in my area. Why exclude areas??

  2. Gggia03

    Used to be better than tinder but… The selection has gone way downhill the longer that I’ve had the app. Pretty much stopped using it because I can’t remember the last time I hit like on someone. They claim to be more exclusive and selective, which if that were the case, it should be more filtered when it comes to height for example. When you’re being provided with so few options a day, they should be giving better options. I’ve never had a problem with the messages disappearing though.

  3. Sgh3478

    Not a lot better than LP Cheap, bad interface,worst analytics than Okcupid.

  4. Brian Ross

    Poorly done Not worth your time. Poor interface and matching algorithm.

  5. doodleguy

    Horrible Invite my friends to broaden my network? (cause i totally want them to know im using a dating app.) tinder is better, just go for that instead. No one wants to wait till noon for more matches man.

  6. Ghj62

    Back to 2 stars They’ve fixed many of the performance issues. definitely a much better experience. Could provide a sleeker design. Big downside: they took away the ability to see a message before clicking into it. Or the feature isn’t working. This is a big mistake and probably an effort to get people to adopt push notifications. Bad bad bad.

  7. Aeroeng16

    Messages truncated on iPhone 4 After updating to the latest version, incoming and outgoing messages on an iPhone 4 seem to be truncated, with the last few words missing …

  8. EchoFoxtrotWhiskey

    … No options other than gay or straight? What’s a trans male hipster to do? Dumping this app.

  9. M Mhandle

    Hinge won’t delete photos I’d give the app a better review if it let folks delete photos. Instead, it only lets folks replace photos.

  10. CSDLG

    Awful This is truly the worst app I’ve ever used. It matches me with people from France and Mexico, when I live in the USA and requested to be matched with people within 25 miles of me. Even worse, the chat system doesn’t work, defeating the whole point of the app. I emailed the Hinge support address about these issues and got zero response. Great idea, truly terrible execution.

  11. Skppp

    Would have given 5 Would have given 5 but the app is saying it can’t reach the network even after a reinstall. Please fix connectivity issues

  12. sanastosjr

    Messaging is terrible Crashes all the time. Looks like it’s posting and doesn’t, or the opposite. Slow. Just fix the messaging already!

  13. cripma

    Messages don’t work Long messages get cut off when viewed by recipient. Sending from iphone 6 running 8.1.2

  14. turnedoffofpepsi

    Bugs on bugs on bugs After a reinstall and 20 minutes of waiting it still cant log me in through Facebook. More bugs than an ant farm.

  15. Aged 50 years while waiting

    Slow Slow Slow I think I aged 50 years waiting for this apt to load. Great concept, terrible execution.

  16. Jr314159

    Nice idea, wish the app worked Doesn’t load. Oh well, I guess I’ll never meet my friends hot single friends now.

  17. Sachin D

    Needs better pictures control Let me select from pictures in albums other than Photos of Me” – Tinder is great in that aspect. Let me zoom in on pictures when choosing them

  18. Irritated0041

    Irritated Good idea yet horrible at the same time

  19. Mbples

    Just updated and won’t work! Just updated the app and now when I open it, it just freezes up! Please assist!!

  20. a fellow jedi

    90% is time spent loading The pictures often decide the are not going to load regardless of my connection or location. When they do decide to load, each on takes upwards of 5 seconds. If the idiots over at Tinder have figured this out, so should you, Hinge developers. It’s only fun when I don’t spend all my time watching a loading icon and rebooting the app.

  21. iRateReview

    Great concept executed poorly Unstable. Lengthy load times. Messages go undelivered (confirmed outside of application with multiple people). Major work is needed here.

  22. 007isvack

    Didn’t like it, don’t recommend Poor performance, buggy, no good matches, copies other dating apps! Don’t recommend!

  23. Zikans

    Still fails at sending and updating messages I don’t I understand how they can fail at nailing down basic functionality. I had three messages in a row fail to send to three different people. If anything it’s gotten worse as updates go along.

  24. Yoko18

    Interesting app but crashes everytime It crashes everytime I use it.

  25. Simi Sonecha

    Bugs Messages sometimes come in on my notifications if my phone is locked but I can’t read the full messages because they don’t show up in the actual messaging part of the app for a long time.

  26. Phillip Colligan

    Messages being vaporized I’ve met more quality people from Hinge than other dating apps, however, this app has always had bugs and the worst one is that recently I have noticed that I send messages or receive them and when I push on the notification screen the message is not there. Who knows how many numbers I’ve missed?! I would also like to see a way to open up and zoom in on pictures and this would be the perfect dating app after these fixes. With these fixes I will change my rating back to 5 stars.

  27. Lalalad4

    Not available in my area yet? Ugh

  28. JtcHoodiemob

    No control over info Too many of my pictures are put on the app. I cannot delete them or control what information is shown. Had the app for a matter of minutes before wanting to delete my account – which you must do on a desktop computer, nonetheless.

  29. Corbaybk

    Functionality is terrible The update has made this even harder to use than before. Makes you login in anew every time. This app is really bad which is a shame because its actually fun!

  30. SF Potrero user

    Buggy Installed today’s update, existing conversation messages and new messages are all cut off after ~50+ characters and end with …”

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