Usability 6/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 3/10 
Scam Defense 4/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 4/10 
Security 4/10 
Interests Matching 10/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 9/10 
People Search 5/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 3/10 
Support 5/10 

Game-based app designed to ‘play’ with photos and rate people as hot or not.  HNT allows users to check pictures of single locals and vote for the best of them. A match happens when two people rate each other as hot, thus they can connect, start chatting and build a closer connection. The app will suit those who look for a quick match based solely on physical attractiveness, but may seem too shallow for serious-minded daters.


  • users can upload multiple pictures for ranking.


  • sign in via Facebook
  • connection happens only when both users find each other hot
  • matching based solely on physical attractiveness.
  1. Daniel Haba

    Too buggy The app has so many bugs I find it near impossible to use. Started off with 3 photos and tried multiple times to put more on there, but they would never show up. Then I opened the app the next day and ALL of my photos were gone from my profile, as well as my information about job, etc. I also don’t think I’ve ever exited the app by choice. It always crashes within a minute or two of use. Overall, ridiculously poor quality app. Get Tinder instead.

  2. marissaminjarez

    FIX THE BUGS I can not see my score anymore and I used to have one, also I can’t put my pictures in the order I would like. FIX THESE TWO THINGS!!!! AND I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE FIRST PIC EVERYONE SEES PLEASE

  3. Anonymous13625

    Since update Since the update it won’t except my birthday?! I was born in 1995 so what is the problem there!?

  4. LeConfused

    Wow Giving me matches of people I didn’t even like. Which makes me feel horrible for actually making them think I liked them.

  5. Sarah on tumblr

    NEW UPDATE I think we should actually SEE our rating, and saying my pics inappropriate when I’m just smiling, and not delete the pics, add two photos, then stop deleting 1!

  6. Steven Rosario Viera

    HELP!! I trying more than a month to register and when i put my birthday it always red!! HELP!! Kill the bug!! Happens when create with Facebook account!!

  7. kaitlyn X]

    Scoring? Kind of annoying that I have to go to the actual website to see my score. Tbh this app is quickly becoming boring and it’s taking up space on my phone that I could be using for something else.

  8. Matt_Sanford

    No emoji support. If you are trying to chat with your matches and decide to send an emoji, they will be quickly turned into question marks. Literally.

  9. AppismajorBALLS

    Had a date it sucked So one time i met someone on this app. So i set up a date. We went ice skating but she was way fatter than her actual pic. Such a dissapointment. Also whenever i rate a girl theres a 1 in 7 percent chance that girl will show up right after i rate her only to be rated again. I hate rating the same girl back to back it feels like a slap to the face (for her that is) also every now and than an anoying celebrity will pop up (ie tom hanks and sarah underwood) why would i ever want to date them? ( tom hanks has about 540 potential winners if that function works like i assume it does) Definately love finding a hotty rating her with a heart and not getting a rating back. Oops silly me thought i was hot when really i was in fact not. My hot rating is 6.75 so yea guess im forever alone in the digital world too. I give it 1 potato out of 5 chicken nuggets.

  10. GumballMsp

    Rating gone This is a complaint like all the others, but I’m still adding to it. Please bring back rates! That’s the only reason most people use this app! Hopefully you’ll realize this and you’ll get more and regain old users of the app. People enjoy this app because of the ratings but now you’re just losing them because you took it off. Please bring ratings back or you’ll lose more users including me! Thank you.

  11. Patton356

    Terrible I can’t even get past the moderation alert…

  12. Daniel Munoz

    problems, problems everywhere My photos keep getting deleted and It just crashes all the time

  13. WhyBotherWithANickname3826264

    Please fix The app crashes after 5 minutes of use. It would be a cool app but I can’t use it because of how much it crashes! Please Fix!!

  14. tommyfad

    Keeps deleting my score App is very annoying. For one I’m gay and it constantly shows me straight people to rate. And my score has been deleted twice already and I’m sure it’s going to keep happening too…

  15. so fe fe or so so

    Photo Nearly impossible for any of my uploaded pics not to delete

  16. FacebookLoverl

    Bad! I go to click sign in with Facebook and it’s says something I hit ok” and it just keeps bringing me back to the first page where It says “Sign in with Facebook” or “Sign in””

  17. D rose everyday

    Lucky I gave it a 2 I really used to love this app but then they made it so you have to have a face book, then it just destroyed and limited everyone.

  18. Caster_

    Terrible My profile has been set up for over a week and still hasn’t been rated yet.

  19. Nicholas reviews

    MATCH I can’t go on the matches

  20. I love Hills Church of Christ

    Hate it Hate that you have to sign in with Facebook. Should have another option

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