Usability 8/10 
Design 9/10 
Huge Database 3/10 
Spam Defense 4/10 
Scam Defense 5/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 6/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 10/10 
Support 4/10 

Online dating app that invites users to post a favorite date idea, thus allowing to find a person willing to join and do the same as quickly as possible.  HAW withdraws down from a classic matching system based on profile browsing and ranking, and focuses on speeding up real-life dating. Users can browse interactive maps for local date ideas, choose a favorite one, get connected and go out on the same day.


  • focus on actual dates rather than profile browsing.


  • won’t suit those accustomed to classic matching algorithm
  • limited number of dates that may meet user’s interests
  • only mutual match messaging.
  1. JerseyGuy609

    What happened?!?
    I remember when this app was free (which it still is) but you can message people without having to pay. Come on! I understand an app needs to make money. But have an inbox that fills up, and if you fill up, pay to increase. Why have a free app to have a match and need to pay to talk to someone when the app was free for that! CMON

  2. Cdeoleo88

    No Users
    There is no user base here, there are a lot of profiles but no ones pays for the service so you cannot have any conversations. Also emails to customer service go with any response

  3. #likegames

    Another money making dating app
    This app is deceiving. It made it looks like a free group app, but it’s a dating app. So when someone send you a message, you can’t read it. Now you have to buy membership to read the message. Lame to claim that you are a free, group get together” app. A Tinder like app!!! I did not want to sign up for another dating app. I thought it was a social app from the vibe it was giving off. NOT!!!”

  4. Aw2384

    Great concept , poor operations
    Love the idea, totally takes any weirdness out of online dating but they just haven’t executed it right. You can’t search people, prices are unrealistic based on the quality, it crashes a lot and it’s hard to navigate. Get it together guys, you could have something here…

  5. Snoman71

    Not to good!
    Constantly loads old info and crashes a lot. Good idea needs lots of work !

  6. LouisMoga

    Great idea, but useless without subscribing
    Unless you subscribe you can’t talk to anyone else, so no one on the app actually communicates and it has become a useless system.

  7. Trickedbybusiness

    Fake messages to encourage subscription
    The site works I fine, there are some actual people on here. But if you haven’t subscribed and are just looking, how about we will send you messages from intrigued” women that require you to pay in order to reply

  8. Hmarie486

    Such a waste of time and money. Good concept just not enough in the pool I suppose. And I agree…how do I cancel this thing?! Lame.

  9. Squid4eva

    Constantly crashes. Have yet to even get a date. Eff this I’m out.

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