Usability 8/10 
Design 9/10 
Huge Database 3/10 
Spam Defense 4/10 
Scam Defense 5/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 6/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 10/10 
Support 4/10 

Online dating app that invites users to post a favorite date idea, thus allowing to find a person willing to join and do the same as quickly as possible.  HAW withdraws down from a classic matching system based on profile browsing and ranking, and focuses on speeding up real-life dating. Users can browse interactive maps for local date ideas, choose a favorite one, get connected and go out on the same day.


  • focus on actual dates rather than profile browsing.


  • won’t suit those accustomed to classic matching algorithm
  • limited number of dates that may meet user’s interests
  • only mutual match messaging.
  1. Roseydot

    Dazed and confused: The deceived customer
    Like I had someone put intrigued and then turned out I was intrigued with them so I press the same button, but when I try to message him it gave me all these monthly payments & I don’t know how to respond to him or Vaisya versa. It send like you can’t set up something without paying for it. I also don’t understand the daily matches because, I can only view one person, and I can’t slide or click to the next one which is annoying . someone please help me as I am just frustrated with an app that has a great concept, and design, but doesn’t follow through, and deceives the customer that this app is free, and you can arrange a date, yet it cost to simply message someone. Shame, because I think I found a really cool person too.

  2. Mex12

    Waste of money. The app continually shuts down and then doesn’t recognize your login information. There’s a bunch of weirdos on here, too.

  3. Principesa72

    App crashes all the time!!!! You have re-install. Fix bugs before selling $100 app to anyone….ridiculous. Also people I deleted keep on showing up. No way to filter at all!!! This should be a free app

  4. Missjfreckles

    Not worth it
    Free app but a membership fee required to message. No thanks. Not very many interesting date ideas either.

  5. Magadocia

    Worst Dating Site Evet
    Do not waste your time or energy on this pathetic stab at selecting dates” site. Down right scary looking men! Where did they find these guys?? Losers Are Us or Serial Killers apply here?? Awful!'”

  6. JennVance


  7. Salvades

    Good concept
    Great concept but not many people on the site. Also once I turned my auto renewal off (with a month paid left) they no longer would let me see the messages I received? It sends me to pay again. I paid for 3 months and only got to use 2. I emailed them to have them fix it? But haven’t heard back yet.

  8. Griffin.Hooper

    Lower cost to $5mo
    This is way to expensive for what it is!! Would I pay $15 for 1 month, sure Would I pay $5×12 oh yeah! Would I pay 100yr, not a chance! Lower cost = more ppl More ppl = more profit More ppl = advertising for lite version Advertising = more profit

  9. Guerecas1

    So far it’s good

  10. Cowboy111317

    Avoid this app
    Too much money for permission to text a very small database! Too many annoying emails!

  11. Patrmi

    Waste of time and money.
    This website and app is so poorly done it has motivated me to write my first review. The app does not work and neither do the men on the site. Of the few people I was able to communicate with they both ended up being stranded” and needs help with funds so they could get back to the U.S. Beware of scammers this site is full of them. to see me.”

  12. 2centsworthforfree

    A lot of nothing
    A lot of talk about going out but really a site for messed up men who just like talking about going out but never really want to commit to a date. By far my worst on-line dating site experience. Too bad. The concept seemed cool.

  13. A.z87

    Just fine

  14. Oscar Torres

    Too expensive for what it is…
    Could meet people just as easy on FB or IG. The prices for membership here are ridiculous! Even just to message. No thank you.

  15. AlbertBlah1234

    Crashes All The Time
    Unstable piece of junk. Crashes all the time. Worthless.

  16. Brian Patrick 22

    Unable to Upload
    It’s very slow app. Can’t even upload a pic or get messages. Other areas unable to upload info. Would never pay for upgrade Options

  17. Solostarian

    Waste of time and money.
    Don’t bother investing in this company. I paid the $30 to try the one month test run, and after almost 2 weeks I had one visitor, zero responses to any of my messages (Around fifty.) and zero interest on any dates that I posted. I know you don’t have my picture on here, but I’m not exactly hideous chud. Even the prostitutes don’t respond, and there are a number of them. Usually with a picture without the face showing, a lot of t n’a with a date like. Lets see what happens…” Lets face it people want you to see them on this crap them IM them on FB. The interface was the only good thing. Still a complete ripoff.”

  18. Njohnny

    Full of time wasters
    This site should be called how about we pretend we are going to meet up”. I got blown up with a ton of people claiming to be “intrigued” but if I wrote them a perfectly normal email back if never hear from them. This site reeks of people who live fantasy lives online.”

  19. One of the better ones

    A waste
    Waste of time and money.. Don’t even bother

  20. MissMaryMcB

    Inundated with notifications
    Just signed up the other day and this thing is slamming me with phone and email notifications. Not a fan of this UX.

  21. SpoilMoi

    Another PAY if you want to receive this message….
    It’s another cheap scam dating website. 9 dollars a month for an app that let’s you look” only. Plus you can only deactivate your account on the real website. Not from your phone.”

  22. JASSSS/

    Not working
    So I’ve tried a few times to sign up for this so I can connect with someone. Keeps having an error. Getting a refund!

  23. AK2374

    Haven’t met anyone yet

  24. #likegames

    Another money making dating app
    This app is deceiving. It made it looks like a free group app, but it’s a dating app. So when someone send you a message, you can’t read it. Now you have to buy membership to read the message. Lame to claim that you are a free, group get together” app. A Tinder like app!!! I did not want to sign up for another dating app. I thought it was a social app from the vibe it was giving off. NOT!!!”

  25. A1shif

    This says you can browse for free and even let’s you message someone that you are intrigued. Then, when someone responds, it is impossible to message without a paid subscription. Considering there are only about 10 guys in my distance and age group, I won’t be paying anything!

  26. Fo8086

    Not many options
    The pool of guys are slim, because it’s not a free app. 🙁

  27. PatheticAppStupid

    Freezes every single time
    Can’t upload a photo. Sad app

  28. Mimi truth

    Waste of money!
    This app is horrible. I kept getting messages from the same three crazy guys! Don’t waste your money!

  29. Abk1228

    Horrible app. Don’t waste your time.

  30. Apesmae

    Horrible app
    Can’t upload a picture, can’t unsubscribe, can’t get a hold of customer service. Same 50 people rotate matches”. A waste of time and money. Bad app

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