Usability 8/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 10/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 8/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 7/10 
Security 8/10 
Interests Matching 6/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 9/10 
People Search 9/10 
Service Guarantee 10/10 
Interesting Features 8/10 
Support 8/10 

Mobile matchmaker from one of the largest dating services on the Internet. is based on a classic matching algorithm that delivers only those singles who meet your specific profile standards. The app uses a familiar swipe-based choice of potential dates and offers a wink feature to attract your crush and engage in flirting. The app will suit those who look for basic dating app experience without many expectations.


  • daily delivery of new matches
  • familiar swipe-based choice of potential dates.


  • hardly filled profiles
  • matches do not always correspond to search criteria
  • duplicated matches
  • app scam
  • app crashes
  1. Ms Uni

    It’s an OK app Having to re-sign in each time now is more of a pain and waste of time. Would be nice to see mutual matches not just ‘saved search’ matches. And you can’t block people from searches or contacting you from the app. 🙁

  2. Big Deal Shopper

    Broken iPad mini 2 iOS 8.3 it minimizes as soon as it loads.

  3. MJBM1981

    It’s…..ok U can’t delete or edit pictures, only add them. I can’t figure out how out to delete an unwanted wink. Fix that and it will me much better

  4. Carolina_gir!

    SIZE I would like the application to fill my whole screen on the iPad. It’s no different then using my phone!

  5. hardhammer

    Ehh! Would like to be able to comment on pictures.

  6. JenJenRee

    P.o.s app. Can’t delete accnt In order to do almost anything on the app, like message, see who viewed you, you have to pay. Not interested in that. And they have you full out your whole profile and picture before you even realize. After I realized I went to delete my account and it’s like a treasure hunt. They made it nearly impossible to delete your account. Pisses me off.

  7. Notgunawrk

    No so much I didn’t find that Match was going to work for me. I’ve been off and on for a few years now and can’t find anyone solid that is interested and/or interesting…

  8. Hunterchadc

    Bad update Looks pretty. Lost functionality. Market research. Check it out.

  9. Anunmatchedwreck

    Trainwreck App Poor quality all around. All features are limited and practically useless from searching to profile visibility.

  10. Farkyfark

    Blows Crashes and logs out all the time.

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