Usability 8/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 10/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 8/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 7/10 
Security 8/10 
Interests Matching 6/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 9/10 
People Search 9/10 
Service Guarantee 10/10 
Interesting Features 8/10 
Support 8/10 

Mobile matchmaker from one of the largest dating services on the Internet. is based on a classic matching algorithm that delivers only those singles who meet your specific profile standards. The app uses a familiar swipe-based choice of potential dates and offers a wink feature to attract your crush and engage in flirting. The app will suit those who look for basic dating app experience without many expectations.


  • daily delivery of new matches
  • familiar swipe-based choice of potential dates.


  • hardly filled profiles
  • matches do not always correspond to search criteria
  • duplicated matches
  • app scam
  • app crashes
  1. FrankTheTank417

    Eeh, not as good as hoped for. This app does not allow you to like photos. You cannot keep track of your emails easily with each person you are speaking with. You have to move back and forth between screens to see emails you sent and received of a person and you cannot copy/paste from those sent received emails either. Bad design.

  2. Mike p gallery

    Match app Well it halfway works but does work You can’t chat, you can’t search for a specific member Besides those normal things that every other app has The match app barely works

  3. LBarkley01

    Poor Very poor


    Not user friendly The app and the website are both difficult to use and lack basic functional capabilities. I can’t set my default photo from my phone, that’s annoying. Issues with safari as well.

  5. TinaA2

    Buggy update The new updated features” include the ability to edit your profile. In theory. In practice

  6. Yochr1s09

    Annoying!! This app is so annoying. You can’t send or read messages w/o paying a premium & don’t get me started on the amount of emails they send. It’s non stop spam telling me someone messaged me in the app but I can’t see it unless I pay for the subscription. And from other reviews I’m glad I didn’t fall into that trap. Stay away from this app at all costs!!

  7. Ksnab41 (official review)

    Absolute crap You have to pay to actually communicate with anyone. That means once you’ve wasted your time to make a profile you will then have the ability to do absolutely nothing with it. Great scam service.

  8. Dandiestturtle

    Hi I’m not sure about it yet haven’t got one email or wink won’t let me up load pictures

  9. PlanoDave

    Ipad? When are you going to come out with an ipad app?

  10. Rob1234588

    Awful! I am having the worst time trying to get my profile removed and my subscription removed. They keep charging me a fee. Awful app, just stay single or use something else.

  11. Luckydevil108

    Horrible Pay to play for everything… Rubbish.

  12. Gladis M Santiago

    . La app es una basura te cobra por enviar mensaje 9.99 y no se que mas de vedad que no sirve

  13. @thatPOWER

    Its good…if you have money to spend! Its good and all i like it a lot but for you to be able to message a person or do anything you have to pay a monthly fee of like $35

  14. KWellmeier

    Not good for the person not wanting to be judged by looks! I suppose it’s the downfall of every dating site, but I don’t want to post my picture. I’m going through a divorce and don’t need the headache. Yet nobody will even attempt to TALK to me without one. The sad part is that I have no doubt my picture would attract people, but I know I’ll leave the site instead of posting it.

  15. Trip2stephan

    They couldn’t care less. Caution! If you purchased the app for the itunes store, apparently their six-month guarantee does not apply to you. After being a member on and off since 2007 I don’t think I will subscribe to them any longer. Apparently they don’t care about their clients enough for my business and forget that works crappy 90% of the time.

  16. MikeGolden2009

    Buggy and slow- poor matches First I think some of these folks are made up. Many appear to be from other countries and weasel their way in pretending to live nearby. The app is unstable and slow. I’m just very unhappy with this service. If it were free it isn’t worth the cost.

  17. bz2014

    Crashes App crashes after signing up

  18. unixcorn

    Disappointment I didn’t expect the monthly cost to be so great and without paying, the app is worthless. You can’t send or receive messages. I expected some hobbling for free but I was barely able to see how it worked. There is also no real way to delete your account once you set it up. I am still getting emails despite canceling” and they hold your information for a year “so you can return if you wish”.”

  19. E1E2G3

    Really, can’t log in unless you pay Dislike the fact you can’t access your profile without having to use a computer!

  20. germzboy

    Useless unless you want to pay $30 a month Everything you do you have to pay for… DELETED!

  21. Buckeyefan1234

    No so good Clunky GUI. Can’t chat.

  22. rcrossfilms

    match does not update quickly at all. example: says new evenwhen ive already viewed. thats 1 amoung other problems

  23. Warchylde

    Terrible Horrible.

  24. Axo131

    Eh I thought at first that this app would be a good addition to the regular subscription so I could check stuff on the go. But my biggest issue with it is the fact that I can’t delete emails, winks, etc. The lists are so long that sometimes I can’t remember what’s old bc EVERYTHING in the history of my account is in there. I also agree with people about adding height, religion, etc to details on someone’s page. But for the love of God, let me delete things!!!

  25. laxgoal9

    Useless Very limited function

  26. Mr.AMBacon

    No Match Title says it all.

  27. Alesana21

    Two huge problems 1) The push notifications and badge notifications are not working. 2)You cannot see the original email you’re replying to with lengthy emails it would be nice

  28. sharon atkinson

    Match app Much like the site just so so. Doesn’t make sense to only be able to use if u are a subscriber. Maybe with more access more ppl would join. Should have more functions available like better non local criteria

  29. Red Ghost 9090

    Lame Doesn’t update jack, slow clunky and crashes more than a 1 star free game

  30. jennifer friede

    Site could been better The interface is not friendly.

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