Usability 8/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 10/10 
Spam Defense 7/10 
Scam Defense 8/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 7/10 
Security 8/10 
Interests Matching 6/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 9/10 
People Search 9/10 
Service Guarantee 10/10 
Interesting Features 8/10 
Support 8/10 

Mobile matchmaker from one of the largest dating services on the Internet. is based on a classic matching algorithm that delivers only those singles who meet your specific profile standards. The app uses a familiar swipe-based choice of potential dates and offers a wink feature to attract your crush and engage in flirting. The app will suit those who look for basic dating app experience without many expectations.


  • daily delivery of new matches
  • familiar swipe-based choice of potential dates.


  • hardly filled profiles
  • matches do not always correspond to search criteria
  • duplicated matches
  • app scam
  • app crashes
  1. Nells20

    Needs an update The app is very limited and leaves a lot to be desired for the amount of money spent.

  2. The Axminster (official)

    USELESS – I Would Rate Zero Stars If That Was An Option This application is giving the a message when I try to log in, mobile app is only for active subscribers”. We’ll

  3. Spiggle26

    Negative. Decent, borderline useless if you don’t subscribe.

  4. OMGitsRMG

    Can’t view my own profile anymore Was ok until recently something happened that wont allow me to view my own profile. Instead it jumps straight to the edit profile” options. Also

  5. KimberlyGrayson

    Not great Not nearly as good as POF I’m sorry to say.

  6. Baseballhunter

    Crash and burn This app crashes to much. I found a lady I wanted to contact and zap she’s gone. The app should offer more choices in settings to filter out those who just dont fit what you want. Should also be a way to see entire profile. Improve this and you have a solid 4 stars. Make it free membership and you got 5 stars.

  7. dave biochem

    chops off your messages randomly some basic major flaws have still not been fixed – like cutting your messages sent or received from someone short. the full message can be seen in the full web browser version but if you’re conversing back and forth on mobile with someone you look like an idiot if it randomly decides to cut off your sentence.

  8. Beaubie

    Needs work No thread view and only a percentage of the functionality of the standard site.

  9. Sdfghji

    Not free I’m not paying just to see messages. This is just another example how a sorry company makes a sorry app drawing people in to find someone just to make a quick buck. Do NOT DOWNLOAD!!

  10. Auto2014

    Might as well be Subscribe Only I’m more than likely going to delete this app. I like the profile structure, but it is completely ridiculous that you have to subscribe and pay just to contact people. I can’t send or read messages of any kind without paying close to $20 a month. No way.

  11. agentphoenix007

    A Lot of Work Left To Do It’s kind of disappointing that 6 months after iOS 4 was released, Match still hasn’t updated the application to have multi-tasking or support for the Retina display. Add to that the fact that it isn’t up to par with the iPad app and it doesn’t even allow users to do everything they can from the site and it’s a subpar app at best unfortunately.

  12. Thecakester

    Not impressed yet The app itself is pretty user friendly. A few bugs when trying to update my profile though. Not sure I really like this site though. It seemed as though there were more profiles that I thought would catch my eye but since I paid I feel like they disappeared. Not pleased yet.

  13. dark_horse1216

    Need more time stamps for member interactions App still crashing

  14. Daisy82886

    Shuts down randomly Needs an upgrade

  15. Cubbie022

    Overpriced The app is free but the membership is outrageous. And once you pay, you realize a good amount of the people trying to message you are FAKE… Not even real profiles. If you want to find someone try the OkCupid app. It’s free, no membership, no fake profiles. And there website is great too!

  16. More Birdies Please

    Match, come on! The app crashes on ios 7.1 when you click the lower right tab to see your activity…basically rendering this app useless! Come on Match- we pay for your matching services- help us ‘match’ the way we want to- on our iPhones!

  17. Studkingjr

    Crashes with iOS 7.1 Was working fine but now it crashes with the ios7.1 update. If I’m paying cash for a subscription I want what I pay for. FIX IT or give me a refund!

  18. Denver Dez

    Ehhh! Just ok, nothing special at all. With so many profiles it’d be nice to have a tracker of some sort to know if you’ve emailed/winked that person already since emails get deleted after a certain amount of days. Craigslist app has it, get it on here. I don’t want to contact/have someone contact me again when i/they weren’t interested 2 months ago. Can’t change your main profile pic with app. Can’t answer all the questions with app like on website. If I say I want a certain type of body, i.e. slender, stop sending me old fatties as search results”

  19. I rate anon

    Eh Doesn’t have all the features needed.

  20. Bean0404

    Won’t Upload I have been trying to upload this application for 2 days now, waiting more than 10 hours, deleting the app from my 4.0 iPhone, and then attempting to re-upload. After the third attempt, this application is getting 1 star for sucking.

  21. fisher77

    Won’t log me in! It’s been a number of days since the app has worked in my iPhone 5, but works perfectly on my iPad. They’re on the same networks, so it’s not a connection issue and I’ve tried rebooting my phone on numerous occasions. What’s the deal?

  22. CAJules

    Don’t bother…useless! Folks I’ve met on this site tend to be shallow. If you’re looking for a hookup, go ahead. Lol. Poor screening: I’ve had scammers reach me on this site. Staff not helpful.

  23. Hrvatska_tC

    Not loading Nothing seems to be loading regardless of what your filters are. Can’t search anything all of a sudden

  24. Henryhank87

    WORST Have been paying for the site since September of last year and have had no luck whatsoever ,no feedback from 98% messages or winks I send and the app does not let you do much as far as changing your profile or updating your profile picture. Horrible investment, especially for all of the misleading and inaccurate profiles/pictures of the few girls I did meet. Terrible

  25. Zrenn1

    Match All of your commercial and advertising says start for free but you can’t interact with anyone unless you pay. Your website is wack!

  26. Alabanger

    Don’t waste your money There are plenty of other apps for free

  27. phattybuds

    Fakey Too many BS/fake profiles

  28. Luckydevil108

    Horrible Pay to play for everything… Rubbish.

  29. C.G.Roy

    Terrible The most recent update is horrible. Although the app looks nicer, its functionality is gone. It is difficult and annoying to navigate. The messaging is terrible, and really should inbox and sent boxes again. I can’t easily delete messages or clear likes and the app keeps hiding my profile. Please go back to the way it was.

  30. Dnatwork

    Lacks features, poor navigation This app fails to provide the functions of the full website, especially chat, which is something that should be easier for the user of an app, not impossible. The search function does not allow search by username, either. Also the navigation is terrible. When you go down into a menu, you have to go back out by the same steps; and the thing that serves as the back button is different and in a slightly different location at every step. Instead, you should be able to go to the top menu from any screen, and the top menu should include all major functions. For some reason, the top menu has Viewed Me separate from Connections, but Faves is under Connections. Messages leads down to Conversations, not to Inbox and Outbox. The conversations are listed by the other user, but they show the total number of messages, not whether they were sent or received or read. Basically, hard to use, lacks essential features. Use the website instead if you want to be able to use Match at all.

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