Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 7/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 4/10 
Interests Matching 3/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 5/10 
Support 4/10 

Mobile app designed to connect singles who live nearby and share the same interests. MeetMe’s primary aim is to help members find new friends to chat with, but it also offers a special meter that estimates users’ popularity during the day. The app has adopted a classic newsfeed feature of social media and allows to update a user’s status just like Facebook. MeetMe will suit people interested in light chatting, but those who look for a deeper connection will definitely need something extra.


  • user can choose to sign in via Facebook or by creating your own profile.


  • limited search opportunities
  • basic profile information which is not enough for a deep connection
  • ineffective fake profile detection
  • contain ads.
  1. Apache505

    Fix it!! Theres way to many bugs like one where i read te messages and try to sen one back but it wont and then it says i never read the message! Id give this app a 0/5 stars fix it and itll be better!!!!

  2. Matt Sins

    Self indlugent It’s just like another myspace except here people are more openly flirty. Nothing wrong with that, just that girls here are stuck up cause they’re receiving constant social approval from men (more like boys without balls) who get off from all the voyeurism. They keep their queen” entertained in hopes that they’ll get some. Hardly

  3. Angel.Baybee

    The App Keeps Crashing I’ve been using the app for over 5 years now and tonight while I was online the app suddenly logged me out and said I had to put in my password. So I try to log in again and it says invalid. I go to the page where it says forgot your password and put in my email for my account and it says I no longer have a Meetme associated with that email. Over 5 years worth of pictures and friends lost. I’m very disappointed and if there is any way that this can be fixed and my account can be given back please let me know!!! I used meetme everyday and never had too many issues especially not one like this.

  4. FPS Trigger

    Crappy Nothing works it’s crap

  5. Freak - tastic

    Nothing’s different This site use to be so fun now you got to pay for stuff basically too meet people ! I have had this account since this website started an I actually don’t like it that much anymore ! Boooooring

  6. skulluks

    Fake users for profit & fake 5-star reviews Download this app ONLY if you have a SEVERE masochistic fetish for ads! This site has been flooded with fake users and accounts. I’ve contacted the site many times over this and have never heard back once! Oh it gets worse, you would think when you pay money for the special member services the fake users/bots/fake accounts would go away, oh no! It gets even worse my friend, I then become what seems a prime target to the point I literally fell harassed and raped.

  7. Nimue73

    My year book app It would be an Awesome App if you can get it to Stop freezing up and crashing! Getting irritated with it to the point of wanting to delete it!

  8. Julienga

    Ads This would be a great app if game ads would stop popping up every time you get on it. I can’t even X out of them!

  9. iCondemn

    Fakes and Ads! This app is okay. Ever since the app was started years ago as Myyearbook the purpose has changed for the worse. Literally this app only contains fake profiles and sex addicts. I wish the would focus more on eliminating the fake profiles and work on the near me feed feature. It’s so unbelievably hard to find people that are close to you even under the near me tab. recently you can’t even view the entire feed with out ads randomly popping up and taking you to the App Store. Please fix this.

  10. Rock5086

    Fake women Alot of fake women sending email and asking you to send them email om yahoo or gmail redirecting u to a porn site.

  11. Pendragon873456

    It’s ok Could be better

  12. princesssandrahe

    Myyearbook Was very good until update WTF?!?! Fix it plz!!!

  13. Katie-Lynn

    …ehh Ehh it’s alright sometimes it’s sucky!

  14. Caramel coupez

    Horrible The app sends me to the App Store every 3 seconds. I do not recommend it at all. Horrible service

  15. Bdogg101200

    Enjoyable That is until it messes up everything about your account

  16. Ryan12121

    Optimize for iPhone 5 Optimize for iPhone 5.

  17. Shaysamayia

    Ugh Meet me use to be a nice place now nobody talks to anyone anymore.. Meet me is becoming unknown!!

  18. Cheyanne Mast

    bad app I had the app for about 3 hours and now it won’t let me on it anymore!

  19. Kimber_16

    I cant upload photos It keeps saying error no matter what photo i try. It tells me to try later, i do and it still doesn’t upload. Fix it please.

  20. Ashylarry23

    Meet me It’s not that great of an app. Don’t waste ur time on it.

  21. Kirah c

    FIX FIX MATCH!!!!!!

  22. Cierra125

    Meetme It’s okay wish some things were different but good so far

  23. Slednexk

    App won’t work I keep getting errors can anyone help me

  24. LadyTakinKrew

    School I dnt find no one from school

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