Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 7/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 4/10 
Interests Matching 3/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 5/10 
Support 4/10 

Mobile app designed to connect singles who live nearby and share the same interests. MeetMe’s primary aim is to help members find new friends to chat with, but it also offers a special meter that estimates users’ popularity during the day. The app has adopted a classic newsfeed feature of social media and allows to update a user’s status just like Facebook. MeetMe will suit people interested in light chatting, but those who look for a deeper connection will definitely need something extra.


  • user can choose to sign in via Facebook or by creating your own profile.


  • limited search opportunities
  • basic profile information which is not enough for a deep connection
  • ineffective fake profile detection
  • contain ads.
  1. Gucci528

    Eh Decent

  2. Allesha34

    Needs a lot of work I think this app just keeps getting worse and worse. There have been quite a few times where I haven’t been notified of messages or comments. The chat is absolutely horrible. You think your message has sent once you hit reply, when in fact it shows you didn’t send anything at all. Therefore; you reply Again and all of a sudden you have sent the same message three times. Perhaps it is way too slow? Whatever the problem is, I probably won’t be using it for much longer. It gets annoying.

  3. Casey Boo

    Very slow Doesn’t upload pics efficiently, loads slow, opens slow.

  4. silly92freak7

    Bad Update I don’t like the new version… I liked the old set up better.. and why can’t I see my likes” anymore I’m matched?! I want that back. I don’t like this update..”

  5. lexyb82

    Reviews r going down Would be better if it WORKED

  6. Jimjohnjorge

    Sooo Every time I open this app it closes. Not cool bro. Fix it?

  7. sekrit_

    Worse with every update 1. Locals now pop up by default 2. Ads are stuck running behind other apps when meetme is closed but running in background. Don’t fix what’s not broken ever since the name change the site/app got worse.

  8. Ummsam

    Boring It’s really boring.

  9. Custoumer

    Crap This app turned into crap. It makes you give your phone number to use the app. Message to Meetme: go f yourself;)

  10. Bobo5286

    It’s ok I like the site but it closes way too much on my iPhone

  11. Billndm

    Don’t waste your time Unless you’re really fat and ugly

  12. Ayeoo Itachi

    Bad ads I’ve had this app on multiple phones, but this is the first time it sent my back to the App Store. Not just once but every 30 seconds. Fix that bug.

  13. Needing an upgrade

    Myyearbook Should get thus app for the ipad and make it rotate horizontal

  14. Sexyvengeance27

    Sad. No profile edit.

  15. Jrocksssss

    I can’t even view pictures Every time I try to view a photo from someone the screen goes black and half the time it crashes This is a 6plus only problem! FIX IT! I have to use my iPhone 4s in order to see pictures so now I have to use two phones when I use this app -_-

  16. 9 inch strike zone

    Deleted all my friends? I was gone for a day and come back and all my friends had been deleted? Was a good app until this happened.

  17. SPARTAN249

    Whats with the popups I use to really like this app but now every time i open it it takes me to safari and redirects me to some pop up website. You can’t even use the app at all.

  18. Squeeesha

    Wow. I love this app, I use it a lot but now it’s crashing constantly! Fix it!

  19. Lucky21012

    Ugh I loved the app until I updated it. Now every time I try to do something it knocks me off to safari. It’s really starting to make me mad. This needs to be fixed

  20. Half men 57378249

    To many ads It would be higher but it keeps getting slower and slower fix it to many ads

  21. Alla360

    Error? It keeps saying today that my request is too high or something and it won’t let me send a message or do anything :/

  22. Morgan420

    Hrrrmmm It’s really really glitchy:(

  23. Raptor Storm

    Spam or Stalkers Pick one of those two, because that’s what your inbox will fill up with.

  24. Kayla Sealy

    It’s okay Has some glitches 🙁 please fix

  25. Maincourse101

    So many fake accounts Almost all fake accounts are ppl in Ghana pretend to be from the States asking you to send money to them

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