Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 7/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 4/10 
Interests Matching 3/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 5/10 
Support 4/10 

Mobile app designed to connect singles who live nearby and share the same interests. MeetMe’s primary aim is to help members find new friends to chat with, but it also offers a special meter that estimates users’ popularity during the day. The app has adopted a classic newsfeed feature of social media and allows to update a user’s status just like Facebook. MeetMe will suit people interested in light chatting, but those who look for a deeper connection will definitely need something extra.


  • user can choose to sign in via Facebook or by creating your own profile.


  • limited search opportunities
  • basic profile information which is not enough for a deep connection
  • ineffective fake profile detection
  • contain ads.
  1. bobby661

    Wack This app is a waste of to time . Most of the profile’s are fake people that want to get freaky chat on with you for money something like that….waste

  2. Beccastaysassy

    It’s okay but could be better It could use a lot of improvements

  3. Chucii !

    Ehhh It’s a good app, it just takes forever to download. Sometimes, it won’t work in general, messages don’t appear, and it doesn’t always notify you when something happens on your profile.

  4. my baby madison

    ugh I try to open it but it keeps saying update it. So i updated it five times in a row still keeps saying update. UGHH!!!

  5. kitnick119

    won’t let me log on as much as I try and I type everything correct the app won’t let me log in 🙁 frustrated me idk why it’s only me

  6. Yukitakuun

    Bugs First, sometimes I don’t get notifications for everything (like status comments, status likes), second of all (and this is the really annoying one), for some reason recently it has been redirecting me to the App Store about every five seconds. Very annoying, please fix this!!

  7. Matoski

    Mr It would be better if you separated the straights from the gays by giving that as an option.this site still needs some work.

  8. Mahoganyvs

    Old account Deleted Automatically They deleted my old account without notice- this would make the 2nd time – so the fools I deleted / blocked from either explicit pictures they may have sent or messages they sent have now full access to me again. This site is so ridiculous to me at this point.

  9. Cowoys94

    Ridiculous This app posted on my Facebook without my permission, and now there is no way to take it off. Ridiculous

  10. Queensaise13

    Meetme This update is the same as the last update. It needs a new update where the bugs are fixed and the ads are gone.

  11. Alt no one

    Me okay This app don’t work at all like it use to!!!!! Thinking about deleting it for good!!!!!

  12. Hawkrun

    You should have it the way it used to be when you added the hmu section was like a good thing and bring it back and you had the ask box so easy to find bring it back

  13. Hurricane_Katrina_bitches

    Not that great. I receive pictures on private parts that I DO NOT. Want to see all the time. Basically everyone on that site has sexual crap all over it. Deff not a place to find friends.

  14. Forgotten beauty

    Worse and worse For the past 5+ years I’ve use this site” and now app on and off. Decided to make a new account and it randomly was deleted for now apparent reason. I can’t even try and make a new account. It is ridiculous. Each time they update it

  15. Doobered

    New update same old problems You should fix your programming before trying a new look. It crashes all time. It doesn’t notify you of recent notifications most of the time. I can go on about other glitches… Please fix these issues

  16. Mobaby19

    Something is wrong!! It’s been saying request rate to high for days I can’t check anything. Please fix this!!

  17. adrian gonzalez

    Ads (iPhone) Please fix the adds, it keeps clicking on them and taking me to the App Store, very annoying.


    It’s aight! Cool people and even more fake ones

  19. Kirah c

    FIX FIX MATCH!!!!!!

  20. Fixtheapp.

    Eh Decent app. Lots of bugs, lots of pop ups, lots of crashes, lots of creeps, lots of harassing people. Once you get passed that its just dandy…

  21. Cjdjbdjfndjd

    No The app is just like the site. People are so fake. Also, you can’t search people on the app.

  22. Lil matt 84

    Downhill Used to be better but anymore it’s just bots one nighters people trying to get you to buy stuff total crap

  23. Brandyleigh6609

    It’s ok My app isn’t working very well lately. Things won’t load and it won’t how me anyone’s pictures or names. Please fix this. I have re-installed it three times now. Also you should make it so that you can delete posts and comments. Please and thanks.

  24. Aasim_USA

    Crashinggggggggggg This app is great but.. Its crashing 50 times in a Min. I am freaking out. FIX IT PLEASE.

  25. Jody griffin

    ? Just started. We’ll see?

  26. Bob slobnobski

    … Lags my iPhone, and it won’t load sometimes.

  27. TXJD

    Needs fixed I’ve had nothing but problems since it changed from yearbook. It asks to verify account but every time I put in my number it says it’s an invalid number. It’s not. Very annoying.

  28. Puppyboobers

    Like skout but worse Lame. And they send you an email every time you make a report against a sexually explicit photo. So a lot.

  29. Neveralone1313

    Ehh.. Old version was better. Bring it back.

  30. Supersport94

    Horrible Terrible app

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