Usability 4/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 7/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 3/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 4/10 
Interests Matching 3/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 5/10 
Support 4/10 

Mobile app designed to connect singles who live nearby and share the same interests. MeetMe’s primary aim is to help members find new friends to chat with, but it also offers a special meter that estimates users’ popularity during the day. The app has adopted a classic newsfeed feature of social media and allows to update a user’s status just like Facebook. MeetMe will suit people interested in light chatting, but those who look for a deeper connection will definitely need something extra.


  • user can choose to sign in via Facebook or by creating your own profile.


  • limited search opportunities
  • basic profile information which is not enough for a deep connection
  • ineffective fake profile detection
  • contain ads.
  1. Adoni05

    Error, error, error, error This app was great but it keeps saying an unexpected error occurred” in every single screen so I can’t even use it. This has been going on for a while & hasn’t been addressed. I want to be able to give it a 5* rating but I’m deleting it until it’s been fixed.”

  2. clarissaaaaaaaaaa

    update don’t work. I updated it & now it won’t open up. fix thisss

  3. Thinkindy

    It’s BROKEN!! Title says it all. Fix please.

  4. Mr Honest!

    Lets be honest here! It’s great because its free.. But as far as meeting people, well if ur into crazy people, strippers on camera, or people totally not ur type, this app is for u!

  5. Disk disk

    Only people on here want to date. Very annoying app, and filled with scary people. I installed this app because I’m new to my area and wanted to make new friends (thought I would by the advertisement meet me where new FRIENDS meet.) Turns out all people want is a f buddy or a hook up. It gets very old. Plus, there are countless nudes on the site, and the supposed owners do nothing about it. There is constant drug deals going on, and prostitution is advertised. It’s basically a site for lonely losers. It lags and always logs me out, which can get very annoying. Plus, if I want to check someone out, the app suddenly closes. Also doesn’t load my messages. I’ve been threatened countless times by a person, and the owners did nothing, they didn’t get removed. I’ve acquired two stalkers from this site, one of which ending up being abusive. I highly suggest no one wastes there time with this app because I’ve heard horror stories about what has happened to the people on there.

  6. [email protected] yoMOMShouse

    Im experiencing frequent problems. Ive been logged out of meet me and told my password that i have been using for the past month is incorrect or my email is incorrect and i always have to end up going through that annoying process of making a new password and i send the feedback in hope of help but out of the 3 i have sent i have yet to hear from them or see anything done about it! If your looking for a terrible app or terrible customer service this is the app for you!

  7. JLynn1021

    Blah. I should be able to do more things.

  8. Erinscott513

    Not impressed Really am annoyed at the match bugs. And why when you block someone can they still see you??

  9. Jordan Busa

    Ads My god the ads are so annoying. App Store redirects galore

  10. Witmo

    The WORST types of people… The site admins (merely 24 and 23) have so little control of their site or app, it’s absolutely staggering. People talking so openly about sex and drugs and even posting photos with nudity and narcotics is perfectly okay with them, but I’ve spent my Saturday repeatedly uploading just two photos of me with a gun (possession of which is perfectly legal in my state (I should also add that both admins also reside here)) because they are being constantly deleted. This site attracts sluts, trolls, perverts and druggies while chasing away all decent people. They can change the name of the site and the app but they’ll never make it any better

  11. Ashln Layfield

    In trouble Don’t get this because there could be a person that u meet that try’s to harm u

  12. Breananicole matthews

    PHONE VERIFICATION It won’t let me get into my account because of the stupid phone verification!!! Every time I type my number in, it says incorrect. Please fix this! I haven’t been able to log on in a long time! I’m about to give up and never use the app again. It’s very frustrating. Please fix.!

  13. nique34

    Uhhh Whatever Myyearbook It could be BETTER

  14. Blasphemous This app blows if it was possible I’d give it a -5 *. So I guess you’re lucky you get a 1 *.

  15. RealShadyJay

    Annoying and intrusive I set this app to no notifications, and then it notifies me anyways! Annoying! This app has tons of ads that pop up or cover the entire screen, and are also very intrusive! Meetme is just another greedy company!

  16. waltnich

    I want to listen to my music I’m talking about this app and its technical problems, not the content of the app. The biggest draw back is that you can’t listen to your music because every time you go to a new page with this app a new add loads and stops your music you can start to play it again after but it’s you can’t even get 30 seconds in with out having to press play again.

  17. k-renee94

    It’s ok It keeps randomly going to an ad when I don’t even click on it and sends me to safari

  18. ZachAnDakota


  19. justin bandy

    Ad!!! This is so sad when i cant even message someone with bing stopped by the ad saying download this app its fun u need to fix this having ads on there r ok when u click in them but where they pop up that’s just starting to get me pist im getting to the point where i want to delete this app and my account

  20. Cececakess

    It needs work! Too many ads! Gets irritating. You should also be able to delete ppl -_- and when you block ppl they still show up and they shouldn’t!

  21. FLUFFY!!!!!

    FIX THE APP!!!! Ok at first you guys had a 4 but know its a 1. It will not let me log it to it. Fix the problem now!!!!!!

  22. Brian Funk

    Decent. Long load times, lots of fake users, lots of people looking for sex. If you are looking for people to text you. Tons are offering. I wouldn’t recommend it very seriously though

  23. Nickg555

    Redirecting ads and selfish community The ads drive me INSANE. Every swipe and it pops up itunes or exits from the app to come advertisement. And the people on here are ruthless narcissistic and the typical online selfish jerks

  24. lysnam

    Good The app makes it easy to login

  25. Ggsdggt

    Like it but Request rate to high” y’all need to fix that. I can’t understand an hour or so but it’s been alllll day.”

  26. Kenzie595

    Fix the bugs…please! It doesn’t show who likes my posts anymore….

  27. Crounchy112185

    Really good Its wonderful

  28. ImNotASelfishRepublican

    Loved this app. Till they took my money and ripped me off on credits on two separate occasions, and I NEVER even received a reply from their non-existant support.” Even a “you got ripped off” reply is better than nothing…… And their terms of service? Just another way to steal your money and delete even appropriate photos.”

  29. Sweetbarries

    FAKES!! TO MUCH FREAKING FAKES!!!!! I hate fakes. TO MUCH PERVES!!!!! I hate perves! Yeah it was just a WASTE OF TIME!!!! I see used pictures on google like… Sarkoh(scene girl) brookelle bones(scene queen) and izzi murder(scene queen) ugh I just hate fakes. I found this cute guy, what do yah know… Yeah he was a fake. PEOPLE REPORT ALL OF THEM FAKE PEOPLE!!!!!!

  30. Bross4747

    Needs alot of work There’s no access to blind date, owned, games, causes, battles, mymag, tv, quiz, hot, video, pimp, group, autographs or cliff notes. You can only see that someone sent a sticker or flirt, not what it is. You can’t send flirts at all. And it’s almost always down for work but there’s never any changes. Don’t download it. You’re better off waiting until you get to your pc to be able to view the full site and save yourself the headache and frustration.

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