Usability 9/10 
Design 9/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 9/10 
Scam Defense 9/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 8/10 
Security 8/10 
Interests Matching 9/10 
Values Matching 9/10 
Psychological Matching 8/10 
Smart Matching 8/10 
Quick Match 9/10 
People Search 8/10 
Service Guarantee 10/10 
Interesting Features 9/10 
Support 8/10 

Dating app that offers brand-new experience in chatting, flirting, making friends and finding soul mates. Meetville is based on a unique matchmaking algorithm that takes into account common interests and values to suggest the best partners. The Q&A section allows users to estimate their compatibility, while extra features like ‘winks’ and ‘faves’ help attract as many potential matches as possible. The app will ideally suit those who are tired of shallow matchmaking apps and want to bring their dating relationships to the next level.


  • intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • intelligent matchmaking based on common interests, values, psychological compatibility
  • effective fake profile detection and anti-spam filters
  • detailed profiles with big photos
  • manifold filters for advanced search
  • high-quality search results
  • large database of active users for every geo-location
  • responsive matches
  • smart matching technology that takes into account users’ preferences and behavior.


  • no video-chat
  • rigid profile moderation to avoid spam, fraud and scam.
  1. Issuetissue

    Excellent app
    The meetville is superior to nearly every app i have. I have access to everything i need from their regular online site. Super job!

  2. Addisonsound

    Great app
    Very happy with the app

  3. Agalford

    Great app
    This a great app for the simple reason that it makes finding your other half much easier.

  4. Michaelangelo

    Both game and dating
    Qa is a mix of a fun game and a possibility to get to know other people closer

  5. Beginnerrunner

    Real users
    You can chat with users without thinking if it’s a fake or now, there are no fakes there

  6. Wildnighther

    Easy to use

  7. Mcthrillerville

    Great product
    User friendly, easy to navigate, it’s perfect for what it was made for…. Now if i can just find one descent normal guy!

  8. Lytlelisa

    Great app
    The app is great i don’t even use my computer. Works without any problems.

  9. Jhawkjeff


  10. Fahdalfie

    Very modern, awesome application!

  11. Kittykas

    Love it
    Great app, very easy to use! Much improved over the previous version

  12. Chronus

    Perfect i don’t know what other users expect…it’s easy to use and not flashy; what other functions would you like; its an app i.e., not meant to replace to the site;

  13. Goosecoupe

    Perfect app if you want to find you significant other!
    Awesome, simply put.

  14. Christinecreager

    Great app
    Everything with the app is awesome, hope everyone enjoys it as much as me.

  15. Jumpinjackflash

    Great app!
    Meetville has had a lot of hype behind it and it didn’t let me down. I was skeptical for awhile and then decided to give it a try and i have found some great women to converse with and i think i’ve found my future soulmate. So we’ll see! 🙂

  16. Dragonfly


  17. Vowelunteer(getit?)

    Awesome app
    Easy to use on the go.

  18. Detroiter

    Best website ever
    I really like it coz i made 3 dates on one week!

  19. Rems

    Like facebook app but it works!!
    Really reliable and messages are delivered in real time every time 🙂 format is great and searching was really easy too! Love this app!

  20. Luckyguy

    Great website!

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