Usability 7/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 6/10 
Scam Defense 5/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 5/10 
Security 6/10 
Interests Matching 7/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 9/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 5/10 
Support 5/10 

Matchmaking app that offers simple and fun dating experience. OKCupid adopted a widely-used matchmaking system where members state what they look for and receive profiles of potential partners that might suit their interests. The app offers the same basic functionality as other apps in its category, including chatting and profile ranking, and will suit people looking for light flirting and casual dating.


  • match questions to find a partner close to stated parameters
  • ability to upload photos directly from your phone to your profile.


  • inaccurate location filters
  • hardly responsive matches
  • ineffective fake profile detection.
  1. Audlyn204

    Meh Use sparingly, location service drains battery like crazy

  2. night7

    Won’t load All I get is the loading screen

  3. pnosa

    won’t log-in just joined okcupid with my iphone. tried it for a day- it worked fine. the next day, the app would not let me log-in repeatedly giving me, staff robot had a meltdown”. i tried again the following day and kept getting the same reply. cleared history and cookies

  4. Gabriel Genuis

    Waste of time Have met no one on here and hardly anyone will even talk. The questions the app has you answer to boost your profile are pretty stupid as well. A fair amount of fake spam accounts… Like I said, it’s a waste of time.

  5. Kayla VanNorman

    The app is fine There just happens to be major issues with their system in general. Your lucky if you can ever get back into your account. It’s hit and miss for everyone. Google for more information about login issues and you’ll see what I mean. Made an account and the next day I couldn’t log into it. They still have all my information seeing as can’t create an account with my email.

  6. Jinxjem

    Locals are great, battery drain not so much. While this app is great and provides new ways to connect with people (especially those visiting from out of town), the GPS service that powers it is constantly enabled (icon always purple), and creates a significant battery hit on my iPhone 4S. This really needs to be fixed.

  7. Go, go, go

    Slow Things take forever to load, if they ever actually load. Keeps telling me that I have a bad connection to the Internet, yet I don’t have problems with any other apps. Never on it longer than a minute or two because the slow loading drives me crazy.

  8. Shshsh113

    Staff robot is it on crack or just stupid? After calming myself down with a tall cup of coffee I have decided to give this app another try. Everything was going good. Girls have visited my profile and said hello. They still ignored me. And when I went on the app. It kicked me out. I went back in and I couldn’t sign in. Then it said it would send my email a link to change password. I didn’t receive a link. Then when I did remember my password I went to go sign in and it said and I quote. Staff robot is down. Please try again later” I’m going to try again. Wish me luck.”

  9. ninib00m

    Cant send msg Impossible to send a msg

  10. I m Beavis

    I don’t like the update. Very lame.

  11. Tmp3150

    Worst upgrade ever Wow, why can’t you pinch to zoom photos?

  12. Gen rx

    One step forward five steps back. Even though I love the streamlined design and it’s ease if use. I am deeply Dissapointed and dissatisfied with the new okc update. I consistently crash or have instant updates” that slow the system way down ****I have to say that disabling chat was a huge mistake. **** boo okc. Boo.”

  13. Chrisschuff

    GARBAGE Third time my profile has been deleted for NO reason. Total garbage. I’ve even spent $$ for the upgrade. I’ve contacted my lawyer to start proceedings on a FULL refund. I’ll never use this app again. Ever.

  14. Ashleybmeyer

    No personality quizzes in app?! I was hoping to go to the okcupid app to find out which Disney princess I am and then tell all my friends my dating persona, but lo, nary a quiz section to be found in the okcupid iPhone app. }:(

  15. Readstar

    Activity feature gone Well the best part of this app and what sets it all apart has disappeared! You can no longer set a broadcast and read what other people are doing! Bring that back, or put back the old locals section (before tinder) and I will up the rating.

  16. Terriblejoshua

    Old app was better Not a fan. I much preferred the old app. This one is not easily navigated.

  17. Tumbuk2

    Nice appearance but needs tweaking 1. When you navigate to a page from matches, the link to navigate back to matches disappears sometimes trapping you on the page 2. No chat 3. No winks Nice looking app but I don’t like the functionality. The old app was less pretty but a whole lot more versatile.

  18. Globalsurfer101

    Not working Suddenly there was a staff robot meltdown”… Whatever that means and now i cant log on! I lost all my contacts in a flash!”

  19. Melmelsmilez

    good but i would give it 4 stars but the fact that it deletes many people’s accounts without permission isn’t fair. I love the whole concept but the mods on there are always lurking and deleting user’s accounts without permission so BEWARE ABOUT GETTING THIS APP. I only had it for a 8 hours and they deleted it. i tried it again the next day and they unblocked me and i deleted my account. its not only me who has experienced this issue you can look it up and find a whole website and pages and questions dedicated to it. DON’T MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM THEY WILL SCAM YOU.

  20. Madi.Nash.(::

    Priorities are not straight OkCupid spends too much time tracking down pictures that don’t have the person in them on their profiles instead of taking into consideration claims of harassment or vulgar messages. Disgusting use of time by the administrators!

  21. LawyerJD

    Poor inventory Combine a poor algorithm with poor inventory do to a male skewed sex ratio and you have a worthless app asking inane questions.

  22. Citrusfox

    Nobody here No one uses this this a lot yet.

  23. RobH08

    Ok, app This app is ok, not the best design…..

  24. NotTaken888

    Horrible Horrible double standard of the site. After hard work and diligence to create it, my profile was deleted, why? A picture if me, a man, with his shirt off. Maybe it’s because I’m gay maybe it’s because I’m a man, but women are allowed to run their escort service through their profile, can take nudes where their hands are covering their breasts, them in scanty underwear but a man in jeans with his shirt off is too much. If you don’t want it, specify it in your guidelines, everything I did was well within guidelines, highly disappointing and unsatisfactory experience.

  25. kurious_kevin

    Cupid of Dissent Average app of average functionality. OKC’s reluctance to have deal breakers” and minimum (by category) number of questions a user require for “matches” to merit one’s attention keeps us looking

  26. ZoinksScoobs

    Don’t like the changes. The app used to have so many more features. They have streamlined it to the point of dissatisfaction. That and I have found that, though there are a lot of people on here, they are less likely to chat as compared to other apps. Can’t fault the app for that I guess.

  27. T3chnicolor

    Loading is abominably slow For some reason, profiles take forever to load. And I have 60 down/10 up. It didn’t used to be like this.

  28. tfdelia

    No way to make profile inactive??? Thereust be but I can’t figure it out. Geez, thanks guys. 🙁

  29. niciblueyz

    Gotten too slow It literally locks up so much now I don’t use it. Maybe too many local recommends and stuff. It’s not grndr. I don’t need to know someone I may actually be interested in is 5 feet away from me

  30. Jhk5045

    New version This new version restricts more information. Preferred the previous version where you could see match % and location, as looking at someone across the world does little good.

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