Usability 6/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 3/10 
Scam Defense 5/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 4/10 
Security 3/10 
Interests Matching 4/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 6/10 
Quick Match 8/10 
People Search 6/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 5/10 
Support 4/10 

Dating app that claims to have the highest chances for users to find true love. Just as other classic dating apps, POF selects potential matches based on users’ profiles and location, and in case of mutual interest, they can start building a deeper connection. On the whole, the app provides an impressive number of profiles to choose from, but lacks advanced search options that bring quality matching results almost to naught.


  • large database of profiles
  • user-friendly design.


  • basic matchmaking algorithm
  • inaccurate location filters
  • hardly responsive matches
  • ineffective fake profile detection and scam defense
  • ineffective customer support.
  1. JohnnyCann

    Search feature is terrible The search capabilities on the App are super limited and the results you get are never completely in your area you searched in. Fix this and add advanced search criteria like on the normal browser version.

  2. Montana skies

    POF Review Its what it is; Same old Pond stock and reminds me of Mad TV’s Lowered Expectations skit…

  3. LV Marty

    Age Block POF blocks users that are 14 years or greater in age difference. That should be the users option to choose their age difference, not POF. Many young women prefer older men due to maturity and stability.

  4. Rtkreie

    Crappy app Full of bugs and glitches. Used to be a half decent app until they updated” it.”

  5. []\[][][]\[]

    Horrible!!!! 99.9% of the girls on here are shallow as can be my matches don’t have any of the same interests the girls on here either only care if you have looks and money or use it to fill their egos I bet most of em are taken and have boyfriends yet they still get on it just to feel better about themselves cuz theyre probably with a dbag I’d rather watch nyan cat for the about of time I’ve tried to talk to people on here I might end up with a girlfriend quicker with that than actually using the app the worst

  6. Edu787

    Uploading pictures The pictures I upload won’t show.

  7. SleeperinSA

    May Restrictions I’m disappointed with having age restrictions placed on whom I can have as friends among consenting adults. As a member of the close to 30 million baby boomers”(which spans a 18 year gape) that are redefining age and aging in our culture and society

  8. Notofurworld

    Fix Browse pictures on the bottom are gone. Very helpful. A lot of bugs need to be fixed

  9. Gamejunky27

    Chat You should add a chat to this app. You have it on you website.

  10. Timm Schmitz

    To much change for free Use to love this app then they kept taking away thing from free members and I don’t think it’s worth becoming a member

  11. Cherellesexy

    Run ladies Hmm bunch of losers. Hot guys are at bars. Don’t waste your time. Was very bored I’m way too pretty for this site. Lol

  12. JewelsB424

    There has to be a better option The update is a downgrade, like all the other reviewers are saying. Sadly, it makes no dif to the developers… they just want to make more money.

  13. chloe2974

    Horrible app!! Worst dating site I have ever experience!!

  14. dajmlinc08

    Ability to block people The only reason POF allows you to block someone is if their profile is offensive! What if they keep harassing you in chat after you’ve asked them not to!! I’m about to delete this app. Skout is better for this reason alone. No one likes a stalker! If I do not want to communicate with you then I should be able to control this.

  15. Jebbbbbbb89

    Horrible… The new version isn’t good. I do a search for 24-30 years in 8mile radius looking for all” from 5’3″-7′ tall and nothing pops up… Please fix!!!”

  16. Ases2200

    Review of app The date & time are not correct. The notifications do not go away when you read the messages and it loads slow

  17. Kate Schone

    So much for dating In the past two days I have attempted to have a profile and it does not allow me to message anyone or keep my profile active for more than an hour before it deletes my page. Nothing inappropriate is said or done and yet my profile gets deleted. This app is terrible and a comets waste of time now.

  18. Ghoti_76

    Get it together I have been on and off this site for a while. This app will not allow me to see who viewed me or review profiles. I was considering a premium membership but now I’m not so sure. Get it fixed!!!

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