Usability 6/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 3/10 
Scam Defense 5/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 4/10 
Security 3/10 
Interests Matching 4/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 6/10 
Quick Match 8/10 
People Search 6/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 5/10 
Support 4/10 

Dating app that claims to have the highest chances for users to find true love. Just as other classic dating apps, POF selects potential matches based on users’ profiles and location, and in case of mutual interest, they can start building a deeper connection. On the whole, the app provides an impressive number of profiles to choose from, but lacks advanced search options that bring quality matching results almost to naught.


  • large database of profiles
  • user-friendly design.


  • basic matchmaking algorithm
  • inaccurate location filters
  • hardly responsive matches
  • ineffective fake profile detection and scam defense
  • ineffective customer support.
  1. lander1234456

    dumb no one replies

  2. Seabare

    A joke Glitch. Hi There 🙂 ” App has the “Hi There :)” glitch! Please let me send my own messages”

  3. terd rogerson

    Terrible Do the developers of these apps ever read the reviews?? The majority of people here are experiencing the exact same problem yet they make no effort to fix it. Frustrating!!!

  4. Dallas Houston Wilson

    Update The app was great until this update .. Now it doesn’t load half the time!!!!:(

  5. Sam_my_worm

    Pictures Most of the people will randomly lose pictures. People I have messages will show the default shadow of a person and then when I view their profile it is either all black or all white. It even does it to people who’s pictures I have already seen and then one day they just disappear. Anyone else having this problem? Please fix it POF.

  6. Xsteven77x

    Pathetic really The badges are such a primitive joke that I don’t even know how it got paste Apple approval. Get a notification or two and they are frozen on the app icon for days.

  7. Unamuseddd

    Troll city! POF has the worst pool of users I have seen in the New Orleans area. Download okcupid or hinge instead!

  8. 551737

    User I don’t care for their method of finding matches/suggestions. Many of the people they feel are good matches don’t similar interests.

  9. Kkkjgvwbjjxbbsjab

    Won’t let me read or send messages Since the update can’t read message fix ASAP please

  10. 727405

    Mr Can’t login, app is horrible. It should at least work properly.

  11. 1inTN

    Update is horrible I want the prior release back. This release rates ZERO stars.

  12. LTONIC621GEM

    It’s great for communication It’s dope. I wish to have the option to search better with specific criteria. Like it tho. Could be better for sure.

  13. Sturbo

    Is anybody real? P lenty O f F akes

  14. 2new4u

    The app is horrible… Maybe pay the developers more than minimum wage. The app is extremely slow & always says no internet connection… The app works maybe 20% of the time… Okc’s app is way better… And it’s all the same GOOBERS on there too! Lol

  15. Mad user 1970

    I don’t exist now Since the new update I can’t even log into my account says my email isn’t in the data base.

  16. Aye Matey

    Don’t bother So annoying. Everything I wrote was lost when I hit send. I was logged out completely. Can’t meet somebody you can’t even respond to! POF app is a waste of time.

  17. Witeshadow19

    Forever alone I’ve had this for about a month now and the only time I received/gave a message, NO ONE ever replies!! Load of bs

  18. Gp55555555

    Needs to be Needs to be updated asap; Doesnt send the messages half the time

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