Usability 6/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 5/10 
Scam Defense 5/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 4/10 
Security 3/10 
Interests Matching 5/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 3/10 

Social-networking app aimed at finding locals for flirting and dating. Tagged performs basic functions that are common for social media – including posting, adding and suggesting new friends – and uses a simple matching algorithm based on location and personal profile info.  The app will suit social-media addicts who look for light flirting and hooking up, but might seem too shallow for serious-minded singles.


  • large database of profiles
  • uses familiar social-network features.


  • simple matching system
  • fake notifications
  • ineffective fake profile detection and scam defense.
  1. Mmangiafico

    Eh Not a very good dating app. Most o the good looking women on here are part of some webcam sites and others are just hookers looking for a John. So user beware. Overall a horrible app. I’m probably going to delete it. If it wasn’t free I never would have downloaded it honestly.

  2. Tennessee500

    Tagged It want let me do nothing it keeps saying its down

  3. wing_zer01

    Crash After this update all this app is do is crash crash crash I can’t even open it and all it does is crash…no stars unless updated

  4. Justin080

    Crash App crashes on start up

  5. MaterialGirl_Tx2La

    Change is Good but not necessary The change would be nice if all the features worked properly. Notifications are not working. Where are my friend’s status? Im only giving it one star because its required to submit.

  6. LJmix

    Please fix it Since the last update. The app is crashing all the time…

  7. 601-467-9461 txt me

    FIX IT NOW ! If Yall Dont fix The Glicthes like sayn i have 99 messeages im deleting it

  8. Abood 888

    Error I have a problem using this APP on my iphone 4G… Its annoying ..

  9. qais al harthey

    erorr I canot do enything always in erorr msg

  10. Nicoyo loco x3

    It’s crashing as soon as I open it The app crashes as soon as I open it… Not good guys, Fix ASAP. It was working fine before the update.

  11. Fred Taylor

    Tagged App Rating The update is horrible! Crashes every time I open the app! Why fix something that’s not broken! I hate this update!

  12. Blackboyjungle

    The worst ever change ASAP What kinda update is this … This is the worst update in history

  13. Dboner

    Crashes I hope you the Tagged developers are reading the reviews. Just letting you guys know that your last update keeps crashing. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  14. Sasuke Uchia607

    Ugh Ok now as far as I’m concerned idk bout you ppl but this app needs to be more like the computer version can’t really do much. I downloaded the update but it really didn’t change much as far as I look at it. I’m a big fan and user of this site since 2006 it’s the only site. I really like and I look forward for the company to make it much better and give more freedom on it.

  15. Chynadoll658870

    It’s fine It’s fine!??

  16. Taggedsux

    6.7 Anyone know how to get the previous version back??????

  17. Boooo̦

    No Good but need the bugs fixed thanks

  18. sspm1695

    Older versions They need to make one were the older iPods can download I to their iPods too

  19. Well Ugh!!!!

    Bad Update!!!! Every Since I Up Dated This App I Haven’t Been Able 2 Get Back On It!!!

  20. WiFry

    Horrible!! You had a unique meeting app unlike the rest… I know I used them all in the past. Yours made me smile but now the update is like that other awful one, and now it crashes too. You shoulda allowed filters by distance but no, still displays everyone and it lost its appeal. Same as the rest… Return the version and I may as well. Zero stars for unique now. It’s just as lame as the rest because pets is the front page on tagged; not krooooks or some other typical pay site. Zzzzzzzzzzz I started developing for droid, if you don’t like pets I’ll use the idea. Fire your developer.. You had it right before!

  21. Dreamieyez

    What the crap??? So you say you fixed the bugs but now the app keeps crashing! Ugh! Get it together!

  22. Mheck06

    User Don’t waste your time with tagged. The vast majority if profiles are fake and will message you relentlessly to get you to sign up at various websites. And tagged seems to do nothing about it

  23. ElGuap0

    Try again… This app is full of bugs.

  24. wilmadongfit

    Entirely too many black people No white people on this app

  25. NoirBanshee

    Booooooooooooo! Delete this update. NOW!!!

  26. Panfila lopez

    Bad update Need to fix this update

  27. Bbyt88

    keeps crashing! Since the update everytime i open the app it crashes!

  28. Jikjikjik345

    Crashes Pointless update. FIX IT!

  29. Coolguy437

    Terrible You made this app so much worse plz fix this app ASAP

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