Usability 6/10 
Design 6/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 5/10 
Scam Defense 5/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 4/10 
Security 3/10 
Interests Matching 5/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 3/10 

Social-networking app aimed at finding locals for flirting and dating. Tagged performs basic functions that are common for social media – including posting, adding and suggesting new friends – and uses a simple matching algorithm based on location and personal profile info.  The app will suit social-media addicts who look for light flirting and hooking up, but might seem too shallow for serious-minded singles.


  • large database of profiles
  • uses familiar social-network features.


  • simple matching system
  • fake notifications
  • ineffective fake profile detection and scam defense.
  1. Judgement263

    Lord If you started your account using FB the app won’t let you sign in.

  2. Chowey escobar

    Won’t let me login I’d like to use it but it won’t let me login

  3. Jizzyjesus

    Crash Ever since the update I can’t open the app and it constantly crashes.

  4. siir.a7mad

    King of tagged I wish there was a love and send a gift, without reference to the website

  5. Rxbeauty

    OMG fix the app!!! there is nothing bout the last update I like…how bout listening to what we want/like? I am sooooo frustrated w/this last ‘update’!!! should be called ‘DOWNdate’ awful awful awful!!! Just fix the app already

  6. Effyuh13

    HORRIBLE This app is absolutely horrible!!!! Needs a serious upgrade!! It crashes all the time and it continuously tells me to update to the newer version which I’ve already done yet I still get the pop up smh!

  7. El q te patea

    Esta pagina tiene mas problemas q un examen de matematicas Es buena pero tiene muchos problemas no deja subir las fotos

  8. Mossyoak!

    Message error Grrrr it’s saying that there is and error try agen later !!!!:/

  9. Cadillac Cool

    Tagged This app needs a serious overhaul…too many bugs….

  10. Mizzrican

    Horrible The messages don’t load the right way and I don’t get notifications when I get a message. I don’t like how I can’t see people’s statuses on their page. Also I don’t like when all the people pop up when I open the app. Please fix!!

  11. Bass Retard

    Meet Me Location??? I use to be able to select different countries, states, and cities on Meet Me but keeps populating local people. I tried Meet Me on the website and got the same results. This was my favorite feature about Tagged, now I don’t have much use for it.

  12. Whitney Bohr

    Good Well if it doesn’t delete Ur account other than that it’s good

  13. Jrmommie

    Uhhh The app is just bad. Like everyone is saying, it force closes when refreshing. It’s about as annoying as the mobile web browser for iPhone. Smh

  14. LuckyM12

    Meah Error messages a lot.

  15. Victoriabanderia22

    Crashes Was good until last update now can’t open app without it instantly closing out!!

  16. bullpat

    Crash crash crash crash crash I never seen a app to crash as much as this.. Please fix ASAP.

  17. 2016yabish

    Well then …… All accounts under 18 were deleted ! Seeing as most users were teens thts a horrible move. I take me teen life elsewhere

  18. beaugirl33

    Rate not so good service

  19. Cookiie L

    Disappointed The app won’t even open up!! Ugh!!

  20. Alice of Clockwork

    CRASH!!!! The app just crash every time you open it can you please fix it

  21. Ms Reshay

    Tagged I like it but it could be better all the messages I’ve deleted still keep showing up and the love icon is not on the app it need to be there also

  22. CRYP187

    Crashes!!! App immediately crashes now since update.

  23. Jazzy8542

    Dislike I don’t like the new update.. Needs to be changed back.

  24. Deannadxn1318

    The app keeps shutting down After I updated the app every time I try to get on it it shuts down and won’t let me read my messages or see who sent me friend request, right when I open the app it it shuts down

  25. ShannyLoca

    Crash Since update, as soon as you open the app, it automatically shuts down

  26. Rob'o

    Terrible This is the worst dating site ever. You can’t set the ethnic to your choice. Also, the stupid buy & points attract people who want to play games. Big waste of money and time. Horrible site!!!!

  27. jblack773

    Hi5? Doesn’t work for hi5 users, wouldn’t allow me to log in.

  28. Dreamieyez

    What the crap??? So you say you fixed the bugs but now the app keeps crashing! Ugh! Get it together!

  29. Popdoc79

    Constant crashes App doesn’t load well

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