Usability 7/10 
Design 7/10 
Huge Database 8/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 2/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 3/10 
Security 2/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 9/10 
People Search 2/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 3/10 
Support 6/10 

Geolocation-based app designed to connect users with interesting people nearby. Tinder requires a login via Facebook as its matching system takes into account FB interests and shared friends to find a potential partner. The app uses a familiar swipe-based system to like or pass recommended profiles. Matching happens only in case of mutual liking, thus Tinder will be a good choice for people who are easily embarrassed and feel a little shy about dating.


  • user-friendly design
  • large database of profiles.


  • requires to log in via Facebook
  • simple matching system
  • ineffective spam-filters and fake profile detection.
  1. Codeman98765

    Tinder plus? Really?
    Why they decided to ruin it with a pay scale is beyond me. Tinder use to be the best way to meet people but not now. Definitely will be deactivating my account and uninstalling this garbage.

  2. Shewy07

    What the hell happened?
    I use to love this app, but now you limit how many people I can like??? Are you kidding me??

  3. Poonslay

    They lost me at get unlimited likes for $9.99″”

  4. Gaara2link

    Limited swipes?
    Tinder is a cool app overall, my main problem is that you now have limited number of swipes and must pay after you use those which is really stupid and makes me want to stop using the app.

  5. Chip the Babooon

    Too much!
    You repay all your loyal followers by making them pay 9.99??? What a joke!

  6. Djdjsjcj

    I would never pay for this service.

  7. A_badr

    Are u kidding me !
    Not even there yet to do such an update

  8. Amazingggggggggggg123

    Used to be good
    I took a break from tinder a few months ago. And just recently came back, to what a limit on how many people I can like ???? And if you don’t like it you’re blocked for 12 hours unless you pay $10 No thank you. I will be uninstalling.

  9. Gmhcgch

    Worst update ever?
    Turned the easiest to use dating app into an overpriced piece of garbage, to put it mildly.

  10. TheDailyGrime

    You had a good run
    Recent update charges $10.00/month to use the app causing me to miss out on potential connections. Tinder, you have failed.

  11. Drummer dood

    Not what it used to be
    They started charging for services on here that were previously free. Wouldn’t recommend getting this app.

  12. Old Yella

    Terrible update.
    Tinder, I thought I’d give you one more chance, but you’ve gotten worse, not better. As another reviewer said, this might make sense from the developers’ point of view, but it’s utterly undesirable for the users. You’ve made me regret thinking we could get back together, but at least you’ve made it easy for me to move on.

  13. DandamanP930

    It’s all about the money isn’t it.
    I can put up with ads, but nickel and diming the average user for basic app essentials. Deleted the app. I hope others do the same.

  14. cass4prez

    HATE the update
    the subscription is ridiculous, tinder is DEAD

  15. NicholasCheck

    Bad business
    Change back to the way it was. You are stopping me from finding my soul-mate even if I paid for a subscription)! Seriously.

  16. Hdkfkfjsgsvahaha

    This app was good.
    It was great until they got greedy.

  17. Shadowhold

    Let’s be completely honest man, this update really c*ckblocked me, bro. Your man card is revoked.

  18. Feli felz

    The new update is not good and you should match people with the same description. The location also doesn’t work.

  19. didomi

    Don’t do it
    Don’t update. Just don’t do it.

  20. european-leo1

    Messed up
    How could you charge for a like???

  21. xM3TALMATTx95

    New update
    Nobody wants to pay to use Tinder. Way to ruin a good thing.

  22. Javanic2010

    What’s the point? All I can say ..

  23. Twinger18

    Update is horrible
    They have found a way to make sure you use this less and eventually will lose total interest and delete it.

  24. Mustangkid01

    Not a good update
    No good! I’ve never written a review! Why did you ruin this? 9.99 per month?

  25. Timberswiss3

    Limit on likes kills it
    Tinder is alright but a limit on likes? Are you kidding me? And on top of that there’s a 12 hour wait for the next allowance of swipes. No thanks. I’ll be deleting this.

  26. Hdgjf

    This used to be my favorite app. I used to get dates. Now I am limited to 10 girls a day??? And you have to pay to get more? I rarely write reviews. But this update it going to make me delete the app. You got greedy tinder. I used to meet so many people. Now I’m lucky if I even match one person. Waste or storage on my phone.

  27. No tinder in the fire

    The app now puts a limit on your likes if you don’t want to pay 9.99$!!! Really!! 9.99$! That’s ridiculous! Change it back tinder! Your gunna lose tons of users if you dont

  28. Jake6895

    Who would pay this ridiculous price? Has Tinder lost their mind?

  29. UpsetPlant

    I’m lonely!
    Jesus, I’m over here trying to swipe right with pure desperation and am not allowed to like my entire tri-state area? This is terrible.

  30. Kovaly

    This weak now

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