Usability 3/10 
Design 5/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 2/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 2/10 
Security 2/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 4/10 

Social-networking app that promises a fun way of meeting people nearby. Twoo uses simple search criteria like location and gender to start matching, and a classic swiping feature as the pathway to a potential date. Besides chatting, the app offers photo-sharing and invites members to play an introductory game to break the ice. Twoo will suit those interested in flirting and hooking up rather than in building serious relationships.


  • quick matching.


  • shallow search system
  • ineffective customer support
  • ineffective spam-filters and fake profile detection.
  1. Haleymaxx

    This app must have some type of big because I can’t even sign up!! It keeps going back to my home screen when I click on the register” button. I’ve tried installing it 3 times over and over and when turned off my phone. Just a piece of crap.”

  2. IrynasAppShop

    Good app but need a major work
    This app worked much better before the latest update. It is not the instant messenger app. To see new messages you need to go out and then in again! It is so annoying!!! Scrolling from one tab to another does not help either! Yes, it is working fine on PC but the developer needs to work more on a version for smartphones. This app is freezes often, does not give you the correct locations of the people and have a lot of glitches!!!

  3. Negroprieto

    App no trabaja bien
    Tengo problemas con la app,olvide el password y no me deja agarrar otro u muy sospechoso cuando trato d hacer loging.voy a borrarla de mi tel

  4. Dog8dog

    Twoo good app
    Its a good app but once I updated the pages don’t load and it freezes on loading. It was working before no problem. If it ain’t broken Dont try to fix it

  5. Adi.7

    Twoo review
    This app so baaaaad .. I don’t like it

  6. Amit Shafrir

    there are better apps out there

  7. Ahmed5550

    Fix plzzx
    Messages in Arabic to appear full hope so modified version

  8. Dssddssddjgd

    So bad

  9. coudron

    Spammed all friends!
    Ugh this app spammed my contacts. Not good

  10. Red112Ray

    How !????
    How can i search in my city !!!!??

  11. clm1963

    Frankly this app did not work. Took very long to start, didn’t log in, didn’t have error messages; just nothing. A worthless release..

  12. Laymon24

    Worst app out there. I’m from AR and it tells me I’m from The Township of Illinois” and is doesn’t even show people remotely near me”

  13. KoalaGCF

    They Hate Disabled People
    my account was blocked/deleted for posting pictures of myself in my wheelchair n no pictures had nudity, copyrighted, or weapons in them but many of my pictures showed my wheelchair so leave me to believe the are bigots n haters of the disabled!!! the only message I got from saying my photo was inappropriate, What The Heck is inappropriate of bing in a wheelchair???

  14. Oga Henroe

    Not entirely friendly. Urgent need to enable icons to block or delete unnecessary mails

  15. whacking6

    It’s useless. It don’t let me log in. I requested new password and still can get in.

  16. Amd armn

    you can not upload your profile picture unless you pay!!!?

  17. Robert Ralston

    TWOO useless
    Totally useless now

  18. Don't use anymore

    I’ll I get are swirls
    Really don’t use site, becoz I can’t get in, all I get are swirls, and by chance that I do, I get to see one message and try to respond and I get swirls again … I delete old messages and next time I sign in, if I was able to there back again in my inbox, there are also times when deleting old messages the site crashes on me, I am really tried of using this site… Really the only time I do is when I get bored of the other online sites and maybe I will sign on, but really it takes a lot for me too…

  19. Nilson brasil


  20. Russ6547

    Crashes too often. Write letters and it vanishes. Does not send. Can’t copy pics. Info in the way when trying to see pics.

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