Usability 3/10 
Design 5/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 2/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 2/10 
Security 2/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 4/10 

Social-networking app that promises a fun way of meeting people nearby. Twoo uses simple search criteria like location and gender to start matching, and a classic swiping feature as the pathway to a potential date. Besides chatting, the app offers photo-sharing and invites members to play an introductory game to break the ice. Twoo will suit those interested in flirting and hooking up rather than in building serious relationships.


  • quick matching.


  • shallow search system
  • ineffective customer support
  • ineffective spam-filters and fake profile detection.
  1. Oga Henroe

    Not entirely friendly. Urgent need to enable icons to block or delete unnecessary mails

  2. Toadmanfan

    Don’t install
    Full of spam n weirdos

  3. Nilson brasil


  4. So disappointed (v)

    Sure, the app is cool. But it crashes 80% of the time. Don’t waste your time.

  5. whacking6

    It’s useless. It don’t let me log in. I requested new password and still can get in.

  6. SlappyJ

    Trashed it
    Doesn’t even deserve the one star. Kept asking for my email after entering it multiple times and filling out the form. Deleted the app, downloaded again and then I found out that would spam all my address book so buh-bye.

  7. Quangbin


  8. Polako1993

    Muy mala la han actualizado y ahora hay que pagar por casi todo! Muy malo!!!!

  9. Kaylerdjs

    Full of spammer
    Another social app with full of SPAMMERS created by the developers to raise numbers of users… Also you have to PAY to meet people or spammers.

  10. UwannaC!t

    Man this app seems cool but every profile is just bot run and I’ve been on this dam app for over a year and have had no luck what so ever so I call this a BS App don’t know why Apple keeps apps that don’t do what the say or claim

  11. Red112Ray

    How !????
    How can i search in my city !!!!??

  12. rater101

    Spam galore.
    Want to spam your entire contacts list quickly? Get this app.

  13. M 89

    So Bad
    I can not get access to unlimited power throw this stupid application fix it please there is a lot troubles.

  14. D'Morris Jon's

    Haven’t been there for many times, so I can’t say much about it. Though I think the place is bored.

  15. coudron

    Spammed all friends!
    Ugh this app spammed my contacts. Not good

  16. Robert Ralston

    TWOO useless
    Totally useless now

  17. Maysnake00

    Very slow, because its very weak. They blame it on your slow internet connection” while your other programs are working normal. Too simple and not customizable. They created automated messages going from you to another person you want to talk to

  18. RabbitMan 282

    Nickle Dime
    Every little thing like sending a chat cost you more money. Haven’t figured out yet how to cancel their recurring billing. I’m fed up!

  19. Nanachichi

    terrible app
    I have registered 3 times and my email address was invalid. And did not let me get through, please fix this app!!!!


    Hay bi loi.

  21. Samuvideo

    Precisa de muitas melhorias ainda. 1- ṇo da pra copiar emails 2- erro a todo momento Espero que melhorem

  22. Schoash

    It uploads your addressbook and starts spamming your contacts!!! Beware

  23. Don't use anymore

    I’ll I get are swirls
    Really don’t use site, becoz I can’t get in, all I get are swirls, and by chance that I do, I get to see one message and try to respond and I get swirls again … I delete old messages and next time I sign in, if I was able to there back again in my inbox, there are also times when deleting old messages the site crashes on me, I am really tried of using this site… Really the only time I do is when I get bored of the other online sites and maybe I will sign on, but really it takes a lot for me too…

  24. Schmitt82

    Don’t download this app!
    This app asks a lot of personal info. It’s not user friendly or helpful in finding people.

  25. Eng. Shoja

    Rip off
    The most odd thing is that when you message someone, it replies you back automatically. And they never reply more than a simple greetings because they’re not even online. Such a big frustration

  26. Alex Realtor

    App is currently a waste of money!!
    Good luck changing your search preferences, sending feedback or getting help from the publisher. I seriously doubt I’m going to continue with my subscription.

  27. Mikkeyman

    Doesnt work
    I press log in a it just keeps spining and loading! I am soooo sad 🙁

  28. alex1093746285

    Twoo service just spammed all my address book by sending unathorized invites.

  29. cubantpa

    Useless and deceiving
    This is an useless and deceiving app. It doesn’t work well. You have to pay to me seen. Also there is not way to delete profile. You just have to delete pictures but not clear way of deleting profile. Scam app

  30. Amit Shafrir

    there are better apps out there

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