Usability 3/10 
Design 5/10 
Huge Database 6/10 
Spam Defense 2/10 
Scam Defense 2/10 
Fake Profiles Protection 2/10 
Security 2/10 
Interests Matching 1/10 
Values Matching 0/10 
Psychological Matching 0/10 
Smart Matching 0/10 
Quick Match 7/10 
People Search 3/10 
Service Guarantee 0/10 
Interesting Features 1/10 
Support 4/10 

Social-networking app that promises a fun way of meeting people nearby. Twoo uses simple search criteria like location and gender to start matching, and a classic swiping feature as the pathway to a potential date. Besides chatting, the app offers photo-sharing and invites members to play an introductory game to break the ice. Twoo will suit those interested in flirting and hooking up rather than in building serious relationships.


  • quick matching.


  • shallow search system
  • ineffective customer support
  • ineffective spam-filters and fake profile detection.
  1. SlappyJ

    Trashed it
    Doesn’t even deserve the one star. Kept asking for my email after entering it multiple times and filling out the form. Deleted the app, downloaded again and then I found out that would spam all my address book so buh-bye.

  2. JinChicago

    Twoo little twoo late
    Don’t waste time. Still a beta version or just acts like one. Many good one. NOT THIS ONE.

  3. staconme

    Nice app but still lot of work has to be done
    The app is great but my personal criticize is: – It does not save all ur chat history. -Problem reading messages, on chat, as it shows half message especially when typing with arabic. – the latest version crush down several times,. -absence of emoticons ..

  4. angelle22

    Good but too many scammers
    All the accounts with yahoo are must of the time scammers !!! I know that maybe this is not your fault but I just want to let you know !!! Also too slow , crashing all the time !!

  5. coudron

    Spammed all friends!
    Ugh this app spammed my contacts. Not good

  6. Robert Ralston

    TWOO useless
    Totally useless now

  7. Nilson brasil


  8. iYasser9

    Poor app
    Poor app & it’s not working.

  9. Quangbin


  10. Samuvideo

    Precisa de muitas melhorias ainda. 1- ṇo da pra copiar emails 2- erro a todo momento Espero que melhorem

  11. Rr851

    From bad to worst
    Supposedly fixed but is even more unreliable than the last version. Totally useless…

  12. Haleymaxx

    This app must have some type of big because I can’t even sign up!! It keeps going back to my home screen when I click on the register” button. I’ve tried installing it 3 times over and over and when turned off my phone. Just a piece of crap.”

  13. rater101

    Spam galore.
    Want to spam your entire contacts list quickly? Get this app.

  14. Negroprieto

    App no trabaja bien
    Tengo problemas con la app,olvide el password y no me deja agarrar otro u muy sospechoso cuando trato d hacer loging.voy a borrarla de mi tel

  15. Ahoyowls

    Waste of time
    I couldn’t even get past the sign up page with out it crashing, 3 times!!!! Needless to say, I’ll go somewhere else.

  16. cubantpa

    Useless and deceiving
    This is an useless and deceiving app. It doesn’t work well. You have to pay to me seen. Also there is not way to delete profile. You just have to delete pictures but not clear way of deleting profile. Scam app

  17. Ashwin74268

    Registration validation
    Developer, very basic thing, registration page is throwing valdation for email though user has provided email id. You wont get any new user unless this issue is resolved. Thanks

  18. Elluisito

    Es muy costoso el servicio!

  19. UwannaC!t

    Man this app seems cool but every profile is just bot run and I’ve been on this dam app for over a year and have had no luck what so ever so I call this a BS App don’t know why Apple keeps apps that don’t do what the say or claim

  20. Asad means Lion

    Dead slow application and has problem with location
    Lousy 1

  21. clm1963

    Frankly this app did not work. Took very long to start, didn’t log in, didn’t have error messages; just nothing. A worthless release..

  22. Man mood

    I don’t think it’s the best ,

  23. umagakayganda

    have a hard time in logging in. always losing connection. there are also fake profiles.

  24. Lisaji108

    This is the first app I have ever advised people to boycott. When I first signed up through Facebook, three of my pics from FB uploaded onto Twoo. No sooner had I done this when I got an email from a moderator saying my profile pic was inappropriate. The pic was a modeling type headshot from college. So I changed the pic to a more recent one and they told me they didn’t like that one either! They said it wasn’t clear enough.” Mind you

  25. mtxpilot

    No Improvements; Lame & Lousy
    plagued with multiple crashes and interruptions with phone use. it doesn’t recognize the search filter criteria for primary fields, and delivers international distant contacts that haven’t logged in for weeks. those seemingly real profiles are suspect with high res model photos plucked from other sites. the web URL has more features that work, but this app on the phone is a battery & memory eater!!

  26. AddyRaj

    Bad Development
    Doesn’t even have Push Notifications. You have check back again to see updates.

  27. Tiotengue

    Malo para el iPhone en Chile lento para cargar la pagina
    Pero bn lo que ahy

  28. Brandon Vogel

    Too many bugs
    Fix the login, and profile edit bugs and you may get somewhere.

  29. Melovino

    Needs major update
    Too buggy. Check out the LuvRecord app to make sure who you start dating doesn’t have a crappy love history !

  30. Robert Mosbauer

    Despite of what people say, this is extremely slow. Log on, do your things , maybe later you are on. Connect with someone, mission impossible… So this is super… Super slow, super crush, super …… Not recommend to the one who wants to find friends on lone, unless you have so much time and patients to stick with such a junk.

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