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Matchmaking app that offers a personalized approach to dating. Zoosk analyzes lifestyle answers and send users potential matches they’re likely to be interested in. Besides chatting and messaging, Zoosk encourages real-life dating with meeting invitations that can be accepted, declined or postponed. The app will be a good choice for those who take dating life seriously and look for advanced matching technology.


  • smart matching system
  • large database of profiles.


  • hardly responsive users
  • incorrect distance measurement
  • ineffective fake profile detection.
  1. Megean Garst

    review it really isn’t that great shouldn’t have to pay to find love

  2. Cherylrn83

    New user Ok so far but very new to it.

  3. Someone7777skakdjdjdk

    It doesn’t get any worse than this Don’t get it, you have to pay for ABSOLUTELY everything. Never will I support this app or anything else coming from these greedy people.

  4. mac book lover

    44 magnum This is Not free!!! To load it free to window shop is free if one has join to to see how how it works. It’s no different than any other of the freebies out there.

  5. Malikread

    Don’t like It’s boring not a lot you can do on this app at all!!! And when you delete a person they keep popping back up! So annoying! There is no blocking a person on this app at all

  6. Marzism

    No smarts Most of the females on this service look like convicts turning tricks for crack

  7. Anonymity1891

    Pimping For starters the cost is crazy . If the app made users verify there profile so you knew that the person was real and not some old perv it would be better .

  8. Jacob_u2

    Not sure Good app if you want to pay alot !!

  9. Rellizuraddixion

    Needs improvement Well first off u can’t message without paying so that kinda defeats the purpose unless u wanna pay them it freezes and won’t load at times also it’s hard to search on here I think of it was free to chat with another person this would be a decent app otherwise don’t even download it

  10. Al889

    Crap This app is a waste. Noone on

  11. PandaMagicMN

    Zoosk Should be free since facebook is free and their conected


    Zoosk is effed Open! Crash…open! Crash…open! Crash……..delete!

  13. Lyrico5

    Zoosk That is so cool!!!!

  14. Wolfspirit92

    Eh Would be better if it didn’t charge you to send messages or see them…

  15. A zoosk member 1

    Waste of time Worst site ever!!! Nothing but fake profiles. Complete waste of time.

  16. Cindy7138

    Queja Esto es tremenda porqueria t cobran por todo dice q tienes mensjs gratis y t los cobran nada es gratis es una pilleria no sirve

  17. KingRonn

    Bad advertising Nothing advertised has happened

  18. Dedeb55

    Chat time Hard to chat with people

  19. Chinabrat

    Terrible Hard to cancel, too expensive, poor participation. Nothing works! Terrible service.

  20. Bravofwb

    Local search Very poor local search. It suppose to find you local matches faster but I get people from other states. Also it wants you to subscribe after one message to buy it. To many non subscriber. No one contacts you back. I would not waste anytime or money here.

  21. 3rd Samule

    Nickel and Dime ya You have to pay for everything what up with that

  22. Rodney Shelton

    Baaaaaad The worst way 2 meet new people, u gotta pay 2 do anythin and have a lot of fake profiles. Way 2 expensive and u can only read and send 1 message. DO NOT GET THIS APP

  23. Mehlani

    Awful app doesn’t work Freezes constantly and can’t put my pic up. The search function is terrible and it really doesn’t display any useful info about a person. All it really displays is your sign, ie Capricorn which I think is just so out of date. What are we? Hippies?!

  24. NightLife25

    Would Not Recommend There is no way to message anyone or receive messages without paying a subscription. Worst app ever.

  25. Sawest454444

    Not good Seems like a scam. Makes you think you are getting all these messages from girls, when they are auto response.

  26. Walking in the word

    expensive money money money

  27. MsSexyDiva44

    Zoosk It’s ok but you shouldn’t have to pay $60 just to find a date or friends. Texting should be free so you can get to know people as you search the site. Way too much money for jerks & ex cons to be on a site like this

  28. modadyoh

    What a waste Coins? Lol…just to see if somebody is interested. You might as well just hand then your credit card. What a rip.

  29. Jason Pabian

    Crap Horrible. I’m not paying to talk to anyone.

  30. LuisAngel495

    No sirve No se puede enviar mensajes si no pagas esto no funciona

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